We Asked John About THAT Tribal, Whether He's Single, And 4-Bean Mix

In the craziest tribal council of the season (so far!), the Champions watched on as Harry pulled a kamikaze-esque move to try to get Janine out of the game, only to have it backfire when NO ONE was voted out.

Chatting to 10 daily over the phone, John laughed.

"Every single tribal is intense, and when something unfolds that you don’t expect, it doubles up," he said, noting that it can be "pretty bewildering" when you get blindsided, or when something crazy happens.

Given that John was a spectator as Dirty Harry imploded his tribe, we had to get his thoughts on it.

"Watching him do that at that tribal was deadset one of the funniest f**kin’ things I’ve ever seen," he said. "Like, he called Janine the godmother. She HATED that, which made us love it that little bit more."

John wasn't done.

"It was like, ‘you know what? F**k you, Janine, because you’re pulling a hell of a lot of strings so you may as well wear it on the chin!’" he continued. "To see that happen, it was hilarious, in my opinion. It took a lot of balls for him to do that."

While John had "sort of known" that Harry was "full of s**t", he soon realised that he had no idea just how hard people were actually playing the game, especially when Harry's son was revealed to be a complete work of fiction.

"Mate, I took it hook, line and sinker," John revealed. "I haven’t got kids, and I’m not one to question something like that. Like, I’m not gonna question whether you have a kid?? If you tell me you’ve got a kid, I’ll be like ‘oh yeah, sweet as. How old is he?’"

Still, John said that it was "hilarious" that Harry had created a fake son to win the favour of his tribe mates.

"I just thought it was funny, I just thought everything was funny," he said. "I didn’t really take into consideration how hard people were playing the game, I was just having a good time while I was there."

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With his all-Aussie charm, flowing mullet and cheeky nudie runs, John has quickly become a fan favourite and has found himself on the receiving end of a lot of new attention.

"I go drinkin’ at pubs and people come up and say g’day to me, so that’s pretty cool," he said. "I’m not gonna pretend like I don’t love it! Of course I love it, you know?"

Calling it "awesome", John said that he "wasn't gonna go on [the show] and be a prick", so he's happy that people think he's "a half-decent bloke".

And for anyone interested? Yes, John's single, so of course, we asked if he'd be interested in continuing his reality TV endeavours, perhaps by becoming the next Bachelor?

He laughed.

"I can’t imagine meself bein’ too good at it!" he exclaimed, adding that he'd "never watched the show".

Of course, he also hadn't watched much 'Survivor' before he signed up, so it certainly wouldn't be a dealbreaker for the WA gold miner.

"I’d still give it a crack!" he said. "I wouldn’t die wondering, I’d give anything a go!"

Although John may not have a partner at the moment, he's not without a great love in his life. After all, he still has his 4-bean mix to get him through the days.

Laughing, he defended his position: "It’s actually not that bad, mate! It’s actually pretty good, I enjoy it!"

Telling us that he enjoys his 4-bean mix "every single day", usually with rice and tuna, John explained that working underground in the mines, it's also great by itself.

"If you’re working through lunch and you need just a little bit of sustenance, you just sort of drink the can," he shared, laughing as he added: "I just seen an opening in the market, that’s all, I thought I might be able to get a bit of an endorsement outta it!"

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Having gone into the game being "pretty fit" from doing "a whole lotta boxing", John wasn't sure what to expect from the challenges, but found that "as long as you show a little bit of heart, most of the challenges are the sort of thing where you can get by just on determination".

He paused. "Then again, you go up against someone like Shaun or Dave or Matty, and you know, you get your work cut out, don’t ya?"

Unprepared for the challenges, John said that his strategy was to just "be a half-decent bloke" and form his alliances organically as he got to know people.

"People will still try and vote you out, but as long as you treat people half decent, I was hoping I’d form alliances that way, without going into the actual game of trying to form alliances," he said.

If he had his time over, he said that he'd "probably try and do a few more outlandish, have-a-laugh-type plays" in the game, but he didn't want to "ruin" his experience by being "someone who plays too hard".

"I wanted to get the most out of it while still playing the game a little bit," John said, and he's happy with how it's all played out so far.

"I can’t complain, can I? I’ve had a fair bit of airtime, I’ve been made out to look like a decent bloke when I’m actually an asshole," he joked.

And his family's just as happy with John's time on the show, as well.

"Me sister’s doin’ my head in about it, ‘coz she wants to ring me every other day and question me about this, or she’s sending me articles about me to talk to me about it," he shared.

"Mum doesn’t mind it, the old man’s sorta proud of how I’ve been portrayed and stuff like that, so yeah, I think for the most part they’re all pretty happy about it, which is awesome," he continued. "I also wanted to make me step-dad proud and stuff like that, ‘coz I’m very close with him, and it seems like I have, so I’m pretty happy about that."

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' airs Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.

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