Who's Safe, Who's Not? Chaos Reigns Supreme In The Jungle

It's the end of another week in 'Australian Survivor', so it's time once again to check in on our alliances.

Champions Tribe

Welcome, Shaun!


Shaun and Daisy, also John and Baden

Having worked with John, David and Luke last week, Daisy has now been reunited with her 'work husband' Shaun, so the power couple is back in business. They're friendly with -- and working with -- John, and Baden has found himself playing a clever strategic game, moving up into being safe by offering himself up as a solid number for Daisy and Shaun.


The Golden God is back, baby! He played his idol last night, and bam, found another one tonight, snatching the title of 'Grossest Eater' right out of Benji's nacho-covered hands. More on that here. Anyway, with another idol in his pocket, David is safe once again, but will he be able to save Luke as well?

On the Bubble


Andy tried to make a move that would align him with David and Luke, and eliminate Daisy from the game in the process. Unfortunately for him, David and Lukey boy didn't trust his "beady eyes", so Andy was the only person who voted for Daisy, exposing himself not only for the move, but as a player whose move flopped. Where to from here? We literally have no idea.

Not Safe


Reader, it hurts us to have to declare the King of the Jungle unsafe in the game, but after Lukey played his idol on Monday night, he's definitely in the minority as Daisy and Shaun take aim at Luke's #1 alliance. Unless Luke can pull off some serious moves, we suspect he may be in trouble.

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Contenders Tribe

Bye, Shaun!


The Charlie's Angels Alliance

With Janine being crowned The Godmother, you may think that she would've found herself with a huge target on her back, but with Pia and Abbey by her side, the Charlie's Angels alliance remains the dominant force in the Contenders tribe.

Ross and Simon

Everybody's favourite wild card is still safe in the game, and may or may not have scored himself a pair of Harry's socks this week! Happy for him, tbh.

Anyway, no one's looking at Ross as a threat, and he's not glued to any alliances, so once again, Ross is safe. Love that for him!

Meanwhile, another former sporting alliance member, Simon, has also found himself on the right side of the numbers this week, with the tribe swap coming to his aide. For the moment, he's a safe additional number for the Charlie's Angels alliance.

On the Bubble


Not a great week for poor Matty! Not only would he never get on board with the idea of throwing a challenge -- therefore leaving him out of the biggest move in his tribe this week -- but he hasn't formed any solid connections with the ex-Champions who have the majority vote at the moment. He's been a physical asset to the tribe up 'til now, but with the number of original Contenders dwindling, it's only a matter of time until his name's on the chopping block.

Not Safe


Do we even have to explain this? His giant move would've been risky even if he'd been able to pull it off, but to have it backfire so spectacularly? Harry used his hidden immunity idol to protect himself from the wrath of the ex-Champs on Tuesday, but unless he can find another idol ASAP, we suspect to see Harry's torch snuffed, basically any minute now.

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