'Fecund Off': This Is The Funniest Segment To Ever Hit 'Gogglebox Australia'

It was the television crossover event that none of us was expecting.

While 'Gogglebox Australia' usually features a range of TV shows from 'The Bachelor' to 'MasterChef' or a David Attenborough documentary for our small screen-loving families to enjoy, the ABC's 'Gardening Australia' doesn't often get much airtime on the show.

'Gardening Australia' is all about celebrating plants, produce and petals, so at first, glance, you might not expect that it could ignite any side-splitting laughter in a group of people.

But when host Costa Georgiadis -- who picked up a couple of Logies this year -- introduced a segment about peonies, all hell broke loose in multiple 'Gogglebox' homes.

Photo: Network 10/ABC.

As a lovely old farmer introduced his beloved peonies on the program, the repeated use of the word seemed to remind the households of another word with a much different meaning.

"I've never been disappointed by any peony I've seen!" joked Tom, alongside partner Wayne.

Photo: Network 10.

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The peony segment proved too much for Holly Dalton who actually SPAT OUT HER MUG OF TEA after hearing the cheeky-sounding word again.

Photo: Network 10.
Photo: Network 10.

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The segment just before the infamous peonies story had also tickled our 'Gogglebox' families' funny bones with another gardening term that just happened to sound a bit like swearing.


"Beg your pardon?" exclaimed Lee and Keith, after hearing the word that means 'highly fertile'.

Photo: Network 10.

The Silbery family were impressed with the new vocab with Isabelle joking that she'd found a new line for her Tinder profile.

"Hi, I'm Isabelle and I'm highly fecund!" she laughed.

But the zinger of the evening came from dad Matt Dalton, who was clearly chuffed with his new G-rated insult: "Fecund off!"

Gosh we hope 'Gardening Australia' makes a return for season 10 of 'Gogglebox'.

'Gogglebox Australia' returns Thursday, 15 August at 8.30pm on 10 and WIN Network.