The Bachelor Australia 2019: Abbie Spills On Her And Matt's Steamy Makeout Sesh

They say all's fair in love and war, and what better represents that than the Bachelor mansion!

In Thursday's episode, Abbie -- aka 'Gemini Abbie' -- caused a bit of a stir in the house after she made out with Bachie Matt during the cocktail party -- after though she promised the girls she wouldn't.

Basically what happened was, a bunch of the girls were invited to a group date to the annual Bachelor photoshoot -- with this year's being in TV Week Magazine portraying famous love stories.

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After things got seriously steamy in the shoots between Sogand and Matt -- and later Abbie and Matt -- it was then upto the rest of the girls to vote who they believed should share some one-on-one time with our hunky astrophysicist.

"The girls had to vote between me and Sogand, so I explained to them that I hadn't had much time with Matt, and told them I wouldn't kiss him," Abbie explained to 10 daily.

"I did say I wouldn’t kiss him, because at the time I was like, 'as if the Bachelor is going to kiss me, he's so hot!' but then we went in for the kiss!" she laughed.

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"We were behind the orchards for 20 minutes talking, then we'd start kissing, then we'd start talking, then kiss again -- and then he gave me a rose!"

While Abbie said she had a great time being one on one with Matt, when she headed back to the rest of the girls in the mansion it was a totally different story.

"In my stupid brain, I was like 'I'll give them a dot point version, these girls are my friends' -- I didn't think about repercussions! There was no malice at all behind it, I was excited and tried to keep it short and sweet".

She continued, "I said we kissed and I got a rose, mostly because I was wearing red lipstick beforehand and when I came back it was gone".

"You can't lie with red lipstick!" she laughed.

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"I've made a terrible mistake," Abbie thinks as she details kissing the group's collective boyfriend.

While the majority of the girls were happy for her, Abbie said that Sogand, Vakoo and Helena probably took the news of the kiss the worst.

"Helena said something about it being like a high school hookup," she said.

And if you think the drama about Abbie and Matt's cheeky hookup ends there, you'd be wrong! We hear there's a whole lot more tears, tantrums, drama and confrontation to come...

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The Bachelor Australia' Airs on Wednesdays And Thursdays At 7.30pm on 10, 10 play and WIN Network.

Images: Network 10