The Bachelor Australia 2019: Why Everyone Is Loving Mary This Season

Move over Elizabeth, we have a new queen and her name is Mary... but not as in the ship.

Like Alisha from Honey Badger's season and Tara from Matty J's, 'Bachelor' contestant Mary Viturino has proved to be this year's Bachie narrator, with fans loving the outspoken Brazillian's hilarious commentary throughout each episode.

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In just a couple of episodes, the mum-of-one has certainly made an impression on the show's contestants and viewers alike, with the sassy beauty already seen jokingly referring to Matt Agnew as "my future husband" a number of times throughout the series.

Check us all the time the 31-year-old had us loling, while also being relatable AF.

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When she couldn't play AFL to save her life 

If we were to be put on 'The Bachelor', we're 99% sure that if required to participate in some sort of sport as a group date, there's a great chance we'd be hobbling off the field with a broken leg, only to be bid farewell by a whispering Osher at the rose ceremony for our lack of coordination.

Luckily, among the sports-capable girls of the AFL group date (honestly, what sort of date is that?), there was Mary, who was literally us as she exclaimed, "I have no idea how to play this AFL s**t!" Girl, same.

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When she watched the new girls enter the mansion...

As the new girls entered the mansion in episode two, the rest of the OGs watched on helplessly, worrying that each of the knockouts that sashayed over to introduce themselves to Matt would be the one to take the win.

Mary, however, seemed to be focused on something else entirely, declaring when blonde bombshell Monique walked in, "Look at the boobs! She got the boobs" as Nichole responded, "Sh*t. I don’t got the boobs”.

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Every time she referred to Matt as "my husband"

Despite not yet having any one-on-one time with Matt, Mary is determined to win Matt's heart, as is evidenced by the 100 times she's already referred to the astrophysicist as "my husband" and demanded that no other contestant kiss him.

Girlfriend knows what she wants, we love that!

When she declared that everyone "must be ovulating"

During Wednesday's drama-filled cocktail party, it was revealed that one of the girls would receive one-on-one time with Matt on an upcoming date, depending on who caught his eye throughout the evening.

Of course, this sent the girls into a frenzy as they battled for the Bachie's attention, with one contestant exclaiming that it looked like "feeding time at the zoo", to which Mary explains that it must be because "everyone is ovulating".

Oh Mary, never change.

The Bachelor Australia' Airs on Wednesdays And Thursdays At 7.30pm on 10, 10 play and WIN Network.

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