The Bachelor Australia 2019: Izzy Exits The Mansion: 'I Didn’t Need To Embarrass Myself'

After sparks failed to fly during the photoshoot, it was Isabelle who was sent home without a rose on Thursday's episode of 'The Bachelor'.

Speaking to 10 daily, the pilates instructor revealed the surprising reason she was keen on astrophysicist Matt Agnew.

"I was very excited about how tall he was!" she laughed. "He was actually taller than me, which is a struggle for me because I’m over 6ft in a pair of heels, so that was good".

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And while Izzy said Matt was"lovely and such a gentleman", she admitted that she was put off after learning his name, telling us, "My brothers are named Matt and Tom and I’d promised myself that I would never date a Matt, so I was like, 'Ohhhh no!!!'"

Speaking about the group date photoshoot for TV Week, in which the girls modelled famous romances, Izzy explained that despite the fact that many other girls put themselves forward in the shoots, she was hesitant to be so forward.

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"It’s hard, because we had all different photoshoots that day, and I was in one of the kiss scenes with Matt, but obviously I didn’t need to take it to the next level and embarrass myself in front of other people and in front the other girls," she said, adding, "but I was happy with my photoshoot".

When it came to the rose ceremony, after three girls left the mansion at the ceremony prior, Izzy revealed that after learning that one girl would be leaving, she assumed she was in the clear.

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"Like, I survived six one week, survived three another week, survived two in the first week, and then I was like ‘you’re kidding, I get to go home solo?!’ What what are the odds?" she laughed. "I was like ‘pfft, won’t be me, girls! Don’t worry about me!’ and it was me!"

As for who she thinks will win Matt's heart?

"I’ve had my money set on Elly since day one when she got the Golden Ticket, I was just like ‘Nup, Elly’s gonna win, for sure’". 

The Bachelor Australia' Airs on Wednesdays And Thursdays At 7.30pm on 10, 10 play and WIN Network.

Images: Network 10