'Why Women Kill': Three Women, Three Betrayals And One Deliciously Dark Comedy Coming To 10 All Access

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and if 'Why Women Kill' is anything to go by, they'd be correct. 

Brought to you by Marc Cherry, the creator of 'Desperate Housewives' and starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Lucy Liu and Kirby Howell-Baptiste comes the story of three very different women living in three very different decades who are all experiencing infidelity within their marriages, exploring the idea that while women's roles have changed throughout the years, their reaction to betrayal has not.

Pictured: Ginnifer Goodwin as Beth Ann. Image: CBS

Playing 1960s housewife Beth Ann Stanton is Ginnifer Goodwin, while  'Charlies Angels' star Lucy Liu plays '80s socialite Simone Groves and Kirby Howell-Baptiste plays a lawyer in 2019 named Taylor Harding.

While on the surface these women seem vastly different, they all have one thing in common -- they're each dealing with infidelity in their marriages.

Pictured: Lucy Liu as Simone. Image: CBS

"Infidelity is just the starting point for this journey of self-discovery," Cherry said about the series.

"There will be three deaths. And they will all be committed by women, but it's not necessarily the three women on this stage... the mystery is, who's going to kill and why?"

Speaking on her role as homemaker Beth Ann, Goodwin said, "I am drawn to excellently written material... I am being given an opportunity in this one, emotionally and psychologically, that I've never pushed before".

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She added, "Thank God it's in the 1960s and I can take it all off like my girdle at the end of the day," while Liu remarked that she's happy she gets to "relish in all of that colour, shoulder pads, and glitter."

Meanwhile, Howell-Baptise commented on her experience in representing the modern woman, saying, "The opportunity to be the face of what a woman in 2019 looks like, sounds like, acts like... That was really exciting to me. Being able to represent a woman in the era and how [it's] changed. How women have changed."

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Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Taylor. Image: CBS

While each character is experiencing issues within their own timelines, Cherry pointed out that their journey has "connective tissue" in each episode.

"The issues -- what can drive a couple apart -- remain the same. There will be a very big connective reveal in the final episode."

Along with our trio of leading ladies, 'Why Women Kill' also stars Jack Davenport, Sam Jaeger, Reid Scott, Alexandra Daddario, Sadie Calvano, Leo Howard, Alicia Coppola and Katie Finneran.

'Why Women Kill' premieres Friday, 16 August only on 10 All Access.

Image: Supplied