The Bachelor 2019 AstroRecap: Battle Of The Geminis

Welcome to our very first AstroRecap, where this week, we're breaking down the love connections between Matt and his two favourite Geminis -- Abbie and Sogand -- as well as all the drama surrounding Nichole.

Matt's Favourite Geminis (Abbie And Sogand)
Photo: Network 10.

The chemistry between Matt and Sogand during the Cinderella-themed photoshoot was sizzling, with our Bachelor commenting that he could just "get lost" in Sogand's eyes as the pair rekindled the connection they forged on their first date together.

Abbie then turned up the steam-factor in her photoshoot with Vakoo (who was left sitting awkwardly on the couch) as she got dangerously close to Matt's lips and needed to fan herself down.

We know that Leos and Geminis make an excellent pairing with the experts at AstroStyle describing the match as "dramatic and playful". So we decided to investigate the trio's Venus signs to figure out whether their chemistry will continue to sizzle or fizzle.

Matt and Sogand both have their Venus signs in Cancer, which means they're both "protective, caring lovers" who might also be a little shy, but ultimately both very sentimental, Cafe Astrology tells us.

Photo: Network 10.

While Abbie's Venus sign is in Gemini (just like her Sun sign) and paired with a Cancer Venus, it can be a bit of a clash. While Geminis show love by flirting and teasing, Cancers generally want to feel a bit more nurtured.

Prediction: We love both front-runner Gems but the stars are telling us that Matt's connection with Sogand might go the distance. We'll also be keeping a close eye on another Gemini, Chelsie, because Matt clearly has an astro type!

Matt (Leo) and Isabelle (Capricorn)
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Isabelle and Matt failed to ignite any chemistry as she lay on that cold slab in a garden, forbidden to open her eyes! But was it the nature of the Snow White photoshoot or simply because the stars did not align?

Capricorns and Leos don't tend to see eye to eye, with Caps focused on keeping things practical while the Lions of the Zodiac are much more passionate and impulsive.

And if we take a look at their Venus signs with Matt's in Cancer and Isabelle's in Aquarius, it's an astro mess! Cafe Astrology says the Venus pairing is "a challenging one" because their needs in love are totally different.

Prediction: Isabelle has become the second Capricorn to leave the 'Bachelor' Mansion. While our other Caps (Monique and Kristin) look safe at the moment, Capricorns could be in Matt's firing line.

We've also seen Matt boot the other Venus in Aquarius girl in the house (Hannah) so the stars don't lie, friends!

Nichole and Rachael, VS Nichole and Monique
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Nichole has been at the centre of a lot of drama this week. She got some one-on-one time with Matt after the group date, sure, but we're more interested in her relationships with the other girls in the mansion.

As soon as Monique entered the mansion, Nichole was mighty unimpressed, noting, "she looks like me". At the same time, she's befriended another long-haired blonde in the mansion, the outspoken Rachael, who has quickly become her partner in crime in mean girl narration (which we love, tbh.)

So how do the stars align? Were Nichole and Rachael destined to be BFFs? Were Nichole and Monique destined to be enemies?

Nichole is a Leo (obviously) which pairs nicely with Rachael's Libra sun sign. Rachael would be drawn to Nichole's life of the party energy, and Nichole would find Rachael to be a calming presence who she could vent to. They're quite different, but complement one another well when confronted with a common goal.

This brings us to Monique. Monique is a Capricorn, which can put her at odds with Nichole's firey Leo. They can both be stubborn and overbearing, and since they're both very goal-oriented signs, where the goal is to win Matt over all the others, a conflict between these two was bound to happen at some point.

Predication: Stay tuned, the war is just getting started.

Matt and Elly
Image: Network 10

Elly is one of our strongest frontrunners this season, with many of the eliminated girls telling us this week that they think Elly will win Matt's heart in the end.

Elly is a Virgo sun sign, but her Venus sign -- which determines romantic relationships -- is in Scorpio. Matt's Venus sign is in Cancer, which means both have water love signs. But are they compatible? According to our pals at Cafe Astrology, this is a pretty solid pairing. They both take love seriously and have a magnetic attraction to one another, and will make each other feel "at home" in each other's company. From watching their date together last night, we'd say that very much checks out. At the same time, both of these signs can be a bit jealous and possessive, so we'll have to see how Elly goes watching Matt pash on with all her mansion roomies!

Prediction: If you've got Elly in your work sweepstakes, you're sitting pretty, at least for the time being. Elly remains a frontrunner and we'd be shocked to see her go home before the finals, tbh.

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