The Bachelor Australia 2019: Who The Eliminated Girls Think Will Win Matt's Heart

After Jessica, Jessie and Renee said goodbye to the Bachelor mansion in tonight's episode, we got some major goss about their time in the mansion.

Probably the juiciest tidbits from our chat with the girls, was that all three -- along with a couple of previously eliminated contestants, too -- believe there are already just two frontrunners when it comes to winning Matt Agnew's heart.

Jessica, Jessie and Renee all bid farewell to the Bachelor mansion tonight. Image: Network 10

"I’d love to see Elly win, and I’d also love to see Chelsie win, as well," Renee told 10 daily.

"I just think those two girls have the purest hearts that you could ever imagine, and they both have lots in common with Matt. They're so lovely -- when I left I said to them, ‘You’ve got this in the bag, like, one of you gonna win!’"

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Jessie echoed her sentiment, adding, "I LOVE Elly, I think she’s beautiful."

"From the moment I met her, she’s just very warm and caring. Chelsie’s smart and beautiful as well."

"Honestly, there’s a handful of girls in there that are amazing and would well suit him," she added.

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As for makeup artist Jessica, she believes a number of girls in the mansion have varying qualities which would suit Matt.

"I think Ellie is a stand out girl, Vakoo is amazing, so is Abbie, and then there's Chelsie, who's one of the smartest women I've ever met," she explained.

"I really couldn't pick who I think is going to take it home!"

"It just depends what Matt's looking for, and I don't think I know him well enough to be able to say that I know 100 percent what is the what he's looking for. I mean, I was hoping it was me, but clearly not!" she laughed.

We've seen major sparks fly between Elly and Matt as they rode horses, hung out with Gai Waterhouse and pashed on at Flemington Racecourse on their Golden Ticket date in Melbourne.

But we've also seen some major ~chemistry~ between Chelsie and our Bachie, with chemical engineer Chelsie gifting astrophysicist Matt a temporary tattoo of oxytocin, the love hormone, during her first night in the mansion.

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At this stage, it's too early to pick our best bet to win, so we guess time will tell who takes the top spot -- along with Matt's heart.

The Bachelor Australia' Airs on Wednesdays And Thursdays At 7.30pm on 10, 10 play and WIN Network.

Image: Network 10