The Bachelor Australia 2019: Elly Spills On Golden Ticket Date With Matt

If you weren't swooning over Elly's Golden Ticket date with Matt on tonight's episode of 'The Bachelor Australia', we have serious concerns for you.

After Elly was given the Golden Ticket during her first night in the Bachelor mansion -- thanks to her adorable mini-date which saw her and Matt roast marshmallows over a fire -- the pair headed down to our Bachelor's hometown of Melbourne for some one-on-one time.

Elly was ecstatic to have received the coveted Golden Ticket for one on one time with Matt. Image: Network 10

Waiting for Matt on Flemington Racecourse, the bubbly blonde was greeted with what can only be described as a Disney-esque scene which featured our Prince Bachelor ride in on a literal horse and carriage.

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We got Elly to dish all the goss on her magical date with Matt, which also saw the super cute pair meet horseracing legend Gai Waterhouse, hold the real Melbourne cup, ride horses, and of course, smooch up a storm over a wine and cheese platter!

Can you say 'dream date'?!

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Bachelor or Prince Charming?? Image: Network 10

"Being picked for the Golden Ticket date was such an amazing feeling!" Elly told 10 daily.

"To have made such a good impression on Matt straight away was more than I could have hoped for, I certainly felt like the luckiest girl in the mansion, let’s put it that way!"

The pair met up with Gai Waterhouse on Flemington Racecourse. Image: Network 10

For anyone watching, it was abundantly clear that sparks were flying between the pair, with both unable to wipe the smile of their faces throughout the entire date.

"The date was amazing! Matt and I had a bloody ball and we got along like a house on fire," Elly confirmed. "We laughed, we joked and we connected! I was so nervous but being in his company is just so easy. I couldn’t have been happier!"

And while she called Matt's chariot entrance "by far the grandest of romantic gestures I’ve ever experienced", she added that she would have been happy no matter what he rode in on.

"I’m a simple gal with simple tastes," she laughed. "I’m sure if Matt picked me up on a ride-on lawnmower I would’ve still had just as much fun!"

The pair rode horses during their Golden Ticket date.

Of course, the most exciting part of the date for both Elly -- and for us watching at home -- was undoubtedly the kiss the adorable duo shared at the end of their date, with Elly gushing about the special moment as she told us, "It was like all the stars had aligned!"

It looked as if Matt agreed, telling producers, "It makes me happy thinking about Elly, that's why I smile when I say her name". Cute!!!

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As for the gaggle of girls waiting back at the mansion for their own one-on-one time with Matt, Elly added that they were nothing but supportive about her special time with the Bachelor.

"The girls were super excited to hear all about my date with Matt, and I was equally as excited to share it with them!" she said, adding, "I didn’t sense any jealousy from anyone at all. However I’m sure everybody would have wished it could’ve been them as well, I know would have if it wasn’t me!"

The Bachelor Australia' Airs on Wednesdays And Thursdays At 7.30pm on 10 and 10 play.

All images: Network 10