Australian Survivor 2019: Sarah Reveals How Her Final Challenge 'Wrecked' Her

After not being able to complete Survivor's infamous Tower of Terror challenge, Sarah was determined not to let her team down when another water challenge came up.

"Look, if I’m going to be really open, that challenge hit me a lot harder than the Tower of Terror," Sarah revealed, while chatting to 10 daily over the phone. 

"Emotionally, I was a lot more wrecked -- I mean, I was proud of myself, I did my absolute best -- but in my head at the time, apart from trying to keep my breath and trying not to panic, I was actually aware of the fact that this is how people had died," she explained, recalling that as the water filled her ears during the challenge, she thought "this is actually what the sensation of drowning would be".

Reflecting on her experience living through Sri Lanka's Boxing Day tsunami in 2004, Sarah said that she had a hard time after the challenge.

"I survived, but so many other people drowned, and by putting myself in that box, I was in a bit of a simulated situation where you hold your breath -- but at some point, people just have to take that breath of water in," she explained, before stopping herself.

"Oh God, that's pretty intense, why am I saying this?!" she exclaimed.

Although it may not have been enough to keep the new Champions tribe away from tribal council, Sarah was proud to have lasted as long as she did through the challenge.

"It wasn't pretty, but I did it!" she exclaimed. "Yay!"

Reflecting on the Tower of Terror challenge, Sarah said that despite the support she'd received from her tribemates, she knew that it had also put a target on her back.

"I mean, talk about exposing a weakness!" she exclaimed, with a laugh.

Going into the challenge, Sarah said that she didn't realise she wasn't going to be able to jump into the water.

"I actually thought adrenaline would get me over the side, but no, adrenaline stopped me from jumping," she said, adding that if she'd known, she would've pushed back against Casey and been firm about sitting out. 

Fearful about exposing a weakness in the tribe by sitting out, and expecting adrenaline to come to her aide, Sarah said that being in the predominantly young Contenders tribe, she was "old, and probably the most unfit", despite proving her physical strength in challenges.

Wanting to prove herself, Sarah explained: "I didn’t want to stand up to Casey because then people would be like ‘bloody hell, if you’re not fit to be here, you’re not fit to be here’, so I thought ‘yep, okay, let’s give this a crack’."

Sarah continued: "I think Casey felt really bad for sending me up there. But in defence of them, I don’t think they knew the gravity of the events that took place on Boxing Day. They didn’t know that I’d had to jump in, off a building, to be swept away. You just don’t know until you try things! And that was an epic fail by me!"

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Still, looking back on her 'Australian Survivor' journey, Sarah said that "the whole experience was just so awesome".

Going into tribal, Sarah said that it had been "just a crazy day" but was "hopeful to the last minute" that the votes would swing in her favour.

"I knew that it was probably gonna be me but you don’t actually know how things are gonna pan out until you see your name come up -- but I knew I was at great risk, yeah," she said.

Of her game play, Sarah said that she had stayed true to herself, before exclaiming, "but I didn't want to!"

She explained: "I wanted to play hard, and I wanted to play dirty, but at the end of the day, I just couldn’t bring that out. I wish I’d gone in a lot more strategically and aggressively from the get go."

With everything said and done, though, Sarah is hoping to see Matty take out the win, with Luke, Baden or John also being good options.

"Matty was my early alliance," she said, adding that his persona on the show is "his profession".

Conceding that he "comes across as... a dick", Sarah laughed. "I shouldn't say that -- put whatever word you want there!"

"He’s a professional wrestler, he’s good at what he does and he’s playing a character," Sarah continued. "He’s actually the most gentle, kind, gentleman. He's an awesome dude, softly spoken, intelligent."

As for who she thinks could make it to the end? Sarah said we should keep an eye on Harry.

"I think he has a pretty good shot," she said. "He’s sly, he’s playing hard, he can be charming if he wants to be, if he lets himself smile, which didn’t happen often. But yeah, I think he plays his cards carefully he could end up on top."

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' airs Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.

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