Chrissie Swan Stood Up For 'Bachelor' Matt Agnew's Day Job

Chrissie Swan came to the defence of Bachie Matt Agnew after news surfaced that, gasp, the astrophysicist actually worked for a bank.

As 'The Project' panel discussed Matt's secondment as an analyst at NAB, Chrissie Swan said she couldn't see what all the fuss was about, giving the Bachie props for actually holding down a real job.

"I just think it's nice to see that one of them's got a job," said Chrissie, adding that at least he wasn't working for "veneers companies" on social media.

"It's just free stuff on Instagram," she continued, describing the hustle of many Instagram influencers.

"It's nice, he's a man and he's got a job," concluded Chrissie.

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We cleared the news up with Matt himself. The 2019 Bach told us that he had taken the job to give him an extra skillset, "hopefully leading to the space exploration side of space down the track".

"I ultimately plan on using my mechanical engineering, astrophysics, and data science background to find solutions to the goals outlined by the newly minted and growing Australian Space Agency, or the burgeoning private space sector."

So there you go.

And, as Peter Helliar noted on 'The Project', it's probably "one scandal NAB are probably okay to be involved with".

Main Image: Network 10.