Who's Safe, Who's Not? David And Luke Reckon They 'Could Take A Week-Long Nap'

Week three in 'Australian Survivor' saw the Champions continue to be decimated, before a tribe swap came to shake everyone's alliances up. Welcome to this week's edition of Who's Safe, Who's Not.

New Champions Tribe


Luke and David

"We could take a week-long nap and wake up like 'oh, we made it to merge?'"

Against all odds, everyone's favourite villainous duo somehow managed to find a crack in the alliance of the former Contenders tribe, and quickly preyed on it, blindsiding Sam and then voting Sarah out.

With an idol in each of their pockets, these lads aren't going anywhere anytime soon... unless the cockiness gets the best of them.

Don't get too comfortable, boys!

John and Daisy

John and Daisy have formed a tight bond since getting tribe swapped over to the Champions, and away from Daisy's number one alliance, Shaun.

Daisy was the first to defect from the original Contenders alliance, bringing John and Baden with her to vote blindside Sam on Monday night, and vote out Sarah on Tuesday night. Daisy and John have aligned themselves with Luke and David, making them a tight four, with Baden being a solid swing vote.

On The Bubble


Andy was sitting pretty last week on the Contenders tribe, with no one suspecting him to be a snake lurking in the grass. An aspiring supervillain, the tribe swap has found Andy on the bubble this week, as he scrambles to earn his way into the alliance of Luke, David, Daisy and John. Will he be able to do it? Only time will tell!


After proving himself to his fellow Contenders, Baden has now found himself on the Champions tribe, where for the moment, he's helping the main alliance become the majority alliance as a number.

Whether he'll be able to cement his place in the alliance will rely on whether he can form a firm alliance within the alliance.

Not Safe


Ah, Hannah. Left out of the blindside on Sam, and aligned with Sarah -- Hannah's alliance is getting picked off one by one, and as the numbers begin to dwindle, we suspect she'll have to pull some serious moves in order to turn it around now.

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New Contenders Tribe


The Former Champions

After weeks of tribal councils where basically all their names have been on the chopping block at some point, the former Champions have found a new lease on life over on the Contenders tribe.

Suddenly in the majority, if the Champions can stick together, then they should be able -- theoretically -- to pick off the original Contenders, one by one.


Not only has Harry found himself an idol, he's also pulled an old trick from the Johnny Fairplay Guide To 'Survivor', and played on the emotions of his new tribe mates by fabricating a child out of thin air, who he misses dearly.

Harry's working on cracking the former Champions alliance, and since the former Champions don't have a great history of sticking to their alliances (ahem, Abbey!), we're expecting Harry to be around for awhile.


Although his bravado is definitely rubbing some people the wrong way, there's no denying that Matty is a challenge beast, so we're expecting him to remain safe at least until we get closer to merge.

On The Bubble


A few things to remember:

  1. Shaun is incredibly good looking
  2. Shaun has a fake idol that was given to him by David

We really need Shaun to figure out this whole fake idol thing before he finds himself blindsided, because as we mentioned, he's great to look at. Bye!

Not Safe


Currently, Casey is Harry's number one alliance, but since Harry is a villain, we're not going to count on that to keep Casey safe. Janine has barely even learned her name! With the other former Champions having the numbers advantage, and the other original Contenders being bigger physical assets to the team, we'd expect to see Casey's name on the chopping block next week if the Contenders find themselves at tribal council.

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' airs Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.

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