Sam Schoers' Shock: 'I Was Too Trusting Of The Contenders'


Just as she joined the Champions in this season's tribe swap, it was a short-lived shake-up for Sam Schoers, who was eliminated in a shocking Tribal Council twist.

Speaking to 10 daily over the phone, VIP Gaming Manager Sam Schoers revealed that she was completely caught off guard by her elimination, which saw an almost equal number of votes between her, Luke and David.

"I wasn't expecting it at all!" Sam told us. "Even when Jonathan was asking me questions I had absolutely no idea it would be me, I was shocked."

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As for the factor that may have sent her home, Sam believed it was because she was too loyal to her fellow Contenders, with her and six others being swapped into the Champion's tribe alongside OG Champions Luke and David.

"I don’t think I would have done anything differently, but I definitely think I was too trusting of my fellow Contenders," she said, adding, "I wanted to have a strong social game, but it's easy to say that -- but once you're in there it's completely different".

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And while it wasn't Sammie's first time on the reality TV circuit -- she's previously appeared in and finished second place on 'The Amazing Race Australia' -- the Perth native is adamant that her experience was of absolutely no benefit to her time on 'Survivor'.

"My experience on 'The Amazing Race' definitely did not help me with 'Survivor', but in saying that I would absolutely go on both shows again – maybe not this second, but I would definitely consider it in future," she explained.

"They were completely different!" she laughed. "'The Amazing Race' was far more fast-paced and you're immediately thrown into it all -- while 'Survivor' is far slower and more torturous!"

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The most "torturous" aspect of 'Survivor', Sam told us, was the lack of food while simultaneously undertaking difficult physical challenges.

"At first the cold was hardest to deal with, but I ended up winning a blanket which saved my life, but when you do all these difficult challenges and you’re starving and can only eat a handful of rice, it gets really hard! I think I ate two chocolate bars within five minutes of being eliminated".

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She continued, "You don't realise until you're there, but 'Survivor' is so much harder than I thought it would be! I used to watch from home and think, 'Oh I could do that!' and then you actually do it and it's so much more difficult.

As for who Sam thinks has what it takes to end up in the top spot for 'Champions v Contenders'?

"Hopefully Harry," she says. "He's just such a bloody good game player!"

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' airs Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.