'I’ve Lost My Entire Alliance': Champions Become Contenders In ‘Australian Survivor’ Tribe Swap

Just when the Contenders seemed to be cementing their position as the dominant tribe, Jonathan LaPaglia shook the whole game up.

The eleven-strong Contenders team -- who haven't been to Tribal Council in forever -- stood out against the tiny band of just six Champions, whose numbers have dwindled after losing immunity challenge after immunity challenge.

"In 'Survivor', nothing stays certain for long," the show's host announced with a smile as the opposing teams arrived without a clue about what was about to go down.

RIP, original Contenders tribe. Photo: Network 10.

"Everybody, drop your buffs," JLP told the Survivors, before instructing them to select a mysterious brown package containing their new tribal colours.

While Pia held her face in her hand, most likely concerned that her reliable 'fun' alliance was about to crumble, 'Survivor' veteran Luke gave the air a double fist pump, relishing the chaos that was about to ensue.

And remember, Luke does have that handy immunity idol up his sleeve so a surprise tribe swap is all just part of the fun.

The fallen Champions. Photo: Network 10.

As the contestants began to unwrap their fate, it became clear that the new tribes would be made up of a very uneven split of Champions and Contenders.

Introducing The New Contenders Tribe

The majority of the Champions tribe swapped their blue buffs for pink ones with Pia, Abbey, Janine, Ross and Simon joining Matt, Shaun, Casey and Harry.

And The All-New Champions

Just Luke and David got to keep their blue buffs, joined by honorary Champions Mullet Man John, Baden, Hannah, Sarah, Sam, Daisy and Andy.

I've made a huge mistake. Photo: Network 10.

"This will be really fun," David, who had been busy running a covert dictatorship on the Champions tribe said through gritted teeth.

"Really fun," he repeated before later telling the camera how he really felt.

"I can't even put into words how bad this is," said the model, who, btw is also in possession of an immunity idol.

"My entire web of alliances that I built up is done," he added, saying the 2-7 split in the new tribe would be "almost impossible".

The People's Champion Luke Toki joked that the swap was "pretty shit" -- but we're not really sure if he was actually joking or not.

Anyway, you can catch up on the new tribe dynamics and ensuing chaos over on 10 play because, hoo boy, we weren't expecting this at all.

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' airs Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.