This Is What Our Bachie Matt Agnew Looked Like In Primary School

If you were wondering what our 2019 Bachelor Matt Agnew looked like way back in 1995, his primary school has delivered the goods.

The astrophysicist completed the very first part of his education at St Anthony's School in Edwardstown, South Australia and the school has shared an adorable snapshot of Matt when he was in Year 3.

"And for those of you wondering, this is Bachelor Matt in yr 3 at St Anthony's School circa 1995," the school proudly wrote on Instagram stories.

Look at that pint-sized Matt, on the brink of a journey that would lead him on his search for new planets for us humans to live on!

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He also looks remarkably similar to the 32-year-old we've all fallen in love with -- right down to his love of simple blue shirts and standing among peaceful forest landscapes, as he did during his first single date with Sogand last week.

(Images: Instagram/St Anthony's, Network 10.

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St Anthony's shared the sweet throwback of Matt following a visit our Bachie took to his old stomping ground, sharing his love of astrophysics (and football) with a new generation of enthusiastic students.

We weren't sure we could fall any deeper in love with this perfect human who has already displayed an enormous amount of kindness and humour with the 689 bachelorettes.

But this pure moment of sharing knowledge with a bunch of wide-eyed young'uns has absolutely tipped us over the edge.

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Featured image: @Instagram/stantedw.fete