The Bachelor Australia 2019: Why Was Fan Favourite Vakoo Not At The Rose Ceremony?

In just two episodes, model Vakoo made quite the impression so it wasn't a surprise that EVERYONE was wondering why she was absent in the rose ceremony.

With just four words, "Hi, my name's Vakoo", the 23-year-old model from New South Wales won fans over with her red carpet antics.

But for some reason, in the second rose ceremony, she seemed to be missing in action.

The Bachelor Australia 2019: Vakoo
WHERE. IS. VAKOO. Photo: Network 10.

Initially, we thought it could have been because with eight new intruders entering the bachelor mansion on Thursday, she may have just not gotten screen time, but when it came to the rose ceremony... questions began to arise.

Was she too busy posing outside? Did she not receive a rose and left early? Was she still at the bar? We all had so many questions.

Thankfully the mystery has been solved.

Posting to her Instagram story last night, Vakoo explained it all saying that she was struck with conjunctivitis, and was forced to sit out the rose ceremony.

"Never fear," she wrote, "Matt gave me my rose off camera."

The Bachelor Australia 2019: Vakoo
Photo: Instagram @itsvakoo.
So who DID leave on 'The Bachelor'?

In the first two nights, we had a whopping total of eight bachelorettes, two in the first rose ceremony and -- with the arrival of the eight new women -- six more during the second rose ceremony.

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Unfortunately, astrophysicist Matt did not give a rose to Keely, Sophie, Danush, Tara, Georgie, Hannah, Tash and Sam.

Mystery solved. We can't wait for more lessons in how to walk a red carpet with Queen Vakoo.

'The Bachelor' airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Networks.