The Bachelor 2019: Can We Predict Who Matt Falls For Using Astrology?

Here at 10 Daily, we’re big fans of astrology. We live for a Co-Star notification that drags us to hell, and we were gasping over The Pattern way before Channing Tatum got onto it and crashed the damn thing.

Now, we KNOW that being an astrophysicist has nothing to do with astrology (although one of us IS a Gemini), but we couldn’t help but wonder: Could we use astrology to accurately predict who Matt is going to choose at the end?

Cute pic of us, Googling Matt's compatibility with all the girls.

Welcome to 10 daily's AstroRecaps, where we will try to predict who Matt will fall for -- as well as which ladies will clash -- using the power of astrology.

We asked Matt and the bachelorettes for their thoughts on astrology and whether we could pull this off, and reader, Matt laughed.

“Okay, so yeah, we have very strongly differing opinions on them,” Matt said, good naturedly. 

“Obviously, I’m not really big on astrology, but you know, I think naturally as humans we want to be like, a part of a team, so saying ‘I’m a Leo’ or ‘I’m a Scorpio’ or whatever, there’s something really nice about belonging to something.”

Outside of that, though? Matt “categorically [thinks] that’s nonsense” when it comes to his personality or who he’ll click with. Sad!

He laughed. “Look, saying that, I love to have fun, so I’m really keen to see where this goes, really keen to see what the predictions say,” he said. “I’ll be flabbergasted if you get it right! I’ll owe you a drink, ‘coz, I’ll have to put stock in astrology, then!”

Speaking with the girls over last week, the results were varied.

From “they can be creepily accurate” to “I think you have better luck picking a name out of a hat”, the girls figured that we “may as well give it a red hot go”. And we will!

“I don’t actually know what works well with a Leo!” Sogand mused. “But I know that there were quite a few Geminis in the house, myself included, the same as Abbie and Chelsie.”

Ah, Abbie. She’s the ‘I’m a Gemini” heard round the nation, so obviously, we had to get her thoughts.

She laughed. “I’m a Gemini, yes!” she exclaimed, before swearing to us that she knows what an astrophysicist is, and that it was a joke.

“Matt and I had a good laugh about it, and we did have a talk about it after as well -- it was an absolute joke!” she exclaimed, before conceding that she actually kind of does love astrology.

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“Every time I defend myself, I realise that I am wearing a Gemini necklace, and I feel like maybe I am into it more than I like to admit. I’m not gonna lie, I have broken up with someone because they were a Capricorn, so…” she trailed off, laughing. 

“And I make all my new friends get Co-Star and add me, I’m like, ‘what’s gonna happen to our friendship?!’.

Realising that she should “probably just own” her love for the stars, she quipped “he’s a Leo, so like, it works out well for me! If he was a Capricorn, who knows how long I would’ve stayed on the red carpet, could’ve turned around!”

So how are we planning on doing this, exactly? Well, we’ve got everyone’s full charts, and we’re going to use the information provided to us by the stars to figure out who Matt’s most compatible with and who he’s not compatible with. 

More than that, though, we’re going to see if we can predict fights, friendships and everything in between. 

Each week, we’ll deliver you our AstroRecap, which will include astrological breakdowns of where there’s chaos brewing, romance blossoming. We’ll also own the things we got wrong, because hey, we’re only human!

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