Australian Survivor 2019: Which Survivor Do You Belong With, Based On Your Star Sign?

Everyone belongs with one of our 'Survivor' men. Is your knight in shining armour a Shaun, a Steven or a Luke? We don't make the rules! Blame the stars!!!

Aries: John

Aries are natural-born leaders who are attracted to people who they consider their equal, someone who can keep up with them and not feel abandoned as they give 100% to their goals and ambitions. Thus, John -- a gold miner who knows how to be independent and how to lead a tribe to victory -- is their perfect match.

Taurus: ET

Taureans are loyal, sensible, and all about honour and integrity. They're drawn to a dependable partner who's going to be true to their word and ET happens to be the very definition of the stable-Daddy energy that will draw them in.

Gemini: Andy

Known for being fast thinkers and talkers, Geminis don't take life too seriously and enjoy indulging chaotic energy, so Andy -- with his big game plans and scheming strategies -- will be exciting to them. The sign of the twin, Geminis will appreciate Andy's dual gameplay, as he continues to show one face to his tribe and another in confessionals.

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Cancer: Matty

Cancers are both highly passionate and highly volatile, and will recognise themselves -- the sign of the crab -- in Matty's tough exterior, as well as his ability to nurture and care for his fellow Contenders. He'd be a perfect fit for any Cancer as they would appreciate his ability to lift them up and encourage them.

Leo: Shaun

The confident and competitive Leo will be drawn to Shaun for at least six very obvious reasons. Over the season, Shaun has not only been easy on the eyes, but has spoken of his desire to prove himself to be a Champion. This drive, along with his warm-hearted and friendly demeanour, will appeal to Leos everywhere.

Virgo: Baden

Virgos are the definition of "professional, but make it sexy". They'll be drawn to puzzle pro and science nerd Baden's smarts, and will also take a little while to come out of their shell in social situations.

Libra: Ross

Libras are one of the most social signs of the zodiac, and will relate to Ross' desire to befriend and relate to those outside of his alliance. Looking for a partner, a Libra will enjoy having a chat and a laugh with our wild card of the season.

Scorpio: David

Dark, moody and sexy, of course David is the perfect pairing for any Scorpio on the hunt. Highly emotional and intelligent, Scorpios will be drawn not only to David's model looks, but also his villainous gameplay. Don't get it twisted, though -- the Scorpio will be the one in charge at the end of the day.

Sagittarius: Luke

Fun-loving and sociable, of course Luke, our lucky last of our contestants, is the perfect match for any Sagittarius. An optimist who loves to lol, the Sagittarian will be drawn in by Luke's carefree approach to both 'Survivor' and life, and they'll laugh off into the sunset together.

Capricorn: Simon

Capricorns look for a mate who ambitious, goal-oriented and practical, and Simon, with his impressive AFL career and steady, loyal approach to the game of 'Survivor' will surely fit the criteria.

Aquarius: Harry

Aquarians love a bit of a mystery and are attracted to a person's intellect, so Harry -- with his sneaky and deceptive gameplay -- is the perfect match for them.

Pisces: Steven

The most sensitive and emotional of the signs, the Pisces will understand Steven's desire for complete loyalty from his alliance, and his response to the breakdown of the sporting alliance. They're also drawn to people who are strong and forthright in their approach, and will be attracted to his take-charge approach.

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' airs Sunday - Tuesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.

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