Who's Safe, Who's Not? The Sports Alliance Is Dead, Long Live The Fun Alliance

Well, it's the end week two -- although Steven Bradbury would probably call it 'weak, too' -- and that means it's time to check in with our Champions and Contenders. Welcome to this week's edition of Who's Safe, Who's Not.

Champions Tribe



Ol' Lukey's got himself an idol! With the sports alliance dead, the king of the jungle is in a good place this week -- he's got the numbers on his side, he's playing his social game, and if anyone tries anything, he's ready to blindside them with his idol. Love that for him!


David's ALSO found himself an idol, after pulling of a MAJOR move in Wenesday's episode when he swapped a fake idol he made for Shaun's real idol intended for a Champion. With that being said, David's power has gone to his head quickly, and declaring himself "upper management" and threatening ET and Simon surely won't play well with a tribe full of Champions in their own right. So, let's see how this plays out. Will David sense the tide turning and play his idol to protect himself, or will he continue last year's beloved tradition of getting voted out with an idol in your pocket? Only time will tell!


Janine has an idol in her possession, only problem is, it's not for a Contender. This gives her an opportunity -- as a businesswoman --  to make a deal down the track. She loves making deals, you guys! She's thriving!

Now, she still has to make it to a point in the game where she could hammer out the details of said deal with a Contender, so it's not keeping her safe just yet, but we've marked her safe for the moment because she has good alliances with Luke and David, who are currently in power in the tribe.

On The Bubble


Pia's found herself a place somewhere in middle, safe for the moment in her alliance as a number for them, but expendable if and when push comes to shove.


Ross is truly the wild card of the bunch, even telling his tribe mates, at tribal council, that they could vote him out if they wanted.

This week, Ross flipped on his sports alliance, opened his own 'Survivor' kitchen where everything is inedible, and lost the Champions an immunity challenge, and yet somehow, he's remained untouchable.

He truly gives no f**ks, but perhaps that's all part of his ultimate strategy to help him float under the radar.


It was incredibly useful to Luke, David, Janine and Pia when Abbey flipped on the sports alliance, but will the disloyalty to her original alliance come back to bite her if the numbers on the Champions tribe continue to dwindle?

Not Safe

ET and Simon

Last week, they were on top of the world, and safe in their sports alliance. This week, they're on the bottom of the barrel. With Abbey and Ross defecting and Susie, Nova and Steven gone, ET and Simon have been left to fend for themselves in a tribe where they no longer hold the majority. They'll both have to change strategies to ensure that the team keeps them around.

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Contenders Tribe



Okay, so technically all the Contenders were safe all week, because they sent the Champions to tribal council three times in a row, but John is quickly emerging as a tribe and fan favourite. He's even popular with the Champions, who offered him an afternoon of hot chocolate and marshmallows with them when they won the reward challenge.

Andy, Matty, Harry, Sam and Daisy

These guys are all just chipping in, doing their part, not annoying anyone and seem to be performing well enough in challenges to not ruffle and feathers (or 'rustle' any feathers, for any 'Survivor: Blood Vs Water' fans out there). They're safe!

On The Bubble


It's very important to note that Shaun is very, very good looking. It's also very important to note that while we don't think his name is going to come up at tribal council any time soon -- especially if the Contenders keep up their winning streak -- when it does, he'll be in trouble, because Shaun thinks he has an idol.

Yes, thinks. Our budding Champion villain David pulled a fast one on him, and now Shaun has nothing to barter with and a necklace that will be completely useless if he tries to play it at tribal council. Suddenly the blindsider will become the blindsidee, and we hate that for Shaun!


Our sweet baby angel Baden proved himself in a physical challenge this week! Proving himself to be quite the speedster in the water, Baden's bumped himself up from 'Not Safe' to 'On the Bubble', and we're rooting for him to make it up to safe next week.

Hannah and Casey

Ah, TBH we haven't seen much of these gals this week and they're not really making as much of an impression as some of the other Contenders, so they're both On the Bubble for the time being.

Not Safe


Poor Sarah, it absolutely breaks our hearts to mark her as Not Safe, but after she found herself unable to perform in the Tower of Terror challenge, we kind of had to. While her tribe was incredibly empathetic and encouraging, we have to wonder whether this will hang in the minds of her tribe mates in the weeks to come. And what if there's another water challenge?! That being said, we're hoping that Sarah continues to prove herself as she has done in all the other challenges, so we can put her back on top next week.

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