Nova’s Kitchen Is Closed, Welcome To Ross’ Kitchen Of Horrors

The days of banana rationing are over but the Champions might have spoken too soon about Nova's reign in the kitchen.

After the athlete was voted out in a blindside tribal council that shocked everyone, the camp's kitchen turned from a Soup Nazi-esque dictatorship to a democracy where everyone was free just cook and eat whatever they wanted.

Big-wave rider and athletes alliance defector Ross stepped up to the stove and declared the restaurant to be "under new management".

Photo: Network 10.

Although it seems that Chef Ross isn't one to hover around the fire, keeping a careful watch on his ~gourmet~ creations.

Let's see what was on the menu!

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Rice With A Crunch

"There's no more bland, boring-ass rice," Luke excitedly explained of Ross' takeover.

Which is certainly true because Chef Ross' menu is all about texture and the technique of forming a solid, paella-like crust on the bottom of the pan.

"Oh shit, do you want to get the rice off?" Chef Ross said to no one in particular as he jumped up from his resting spot.

Photo: Network 10.

"The rice is burning," he announced.

Ross thoughtfully tasted his own dish and announced that it might need more salt, as his tribe mates winced, gulped down the food and continued to celebrate the end of Nova's kitchen.

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Cave Service
Photo: Network 10.

Not only will Ross chop up your papaya, but he'll also arrange to have it delivered straight to your door with a smile, joking that he was providing "cave-service" to Steven, who indulged the wise-crack with a nervous chuckle.

Ross might have missed the opportunity to call himself Menu-Log but we'll look past that and give him five stars for his passion for the art of hospitality.

Burnt Rubber
Photo; Network 10.

"Oh what? Someone's shoes are in the fire," eagle-eyed Pia exclaimed, as a pair of green thongs slipped began melting on top of the campfire flames.

While smoked food might be all the rage, we're guessing Eau d' Havaiana is not the sort of smell you want mixed into your helping of beans and rice. We, unfortunately, have to knock a few points off Chef Ross' restaurant score for concerns about health and safety.

"It's a mess, a hot mess," beamed Luke, revelling in the disgusting mess he created after orchestrating Nova's elimination.

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Main Image: Network 10.