Australian Survivor 2019: Steven Bradbury: 'Abbey Jumped Ship Because She Was Being Manipulated By A Supermodel'

He may have skated by last night when the Champions chose to blindside Nova instead of eliminating him, but Steven Bradbury's "lifeline" only bought him another day in the game.

Chatting to 10 daily over the phone, Steven was confident that with the sports alliance all but dead, there was no "alternate strategy" that could've saved him at tonight's tribal council.

"I’m not the kind of person who’s going to be walking around begging people not to vote for me, I wanted to walk out of there with my head held high, and I did," he said.

Diving into the drama of the night before, Steven said that it was "hard to say" whether Abbey's tears were "crocodile tears" or not, he stood by his belief that her flipping on the sports alliance was "weak".

"Yeah, I think it was weak because it didn’t advance her position in the game," he explained, saying that "if it was more of a game play move and it set her up for the rest of the competition, it would suck for me, but not be weak".

Steven went into the game hoping to set up a majority alliance from the beginning, knowing "that it was an all or nothing plan".

Discarding the notion of treading lightly and building alliances slowly, Steven's plan was more "first in best dressed".

"When I saw that there was seven athletes in the Champions, I thought that most athletes, once you’ve committed to something, that’s it," he explained. "Your word is your word and you stick to it."

Conceding that "on 'Survivor' you don't have to stick to your word", Steven said that he'd hoped the alliance would get them to the merge "without having to cheat, lie and steal to get there".

Of course, the whole plan was hinged on the loyalty of the alliance, and "as it turned out, both Ross and Abbey seemed to need or want some more TLC" than the sporting alliance provided them.

With seven people to wrangle into conversations, Steven said it was "very difficult", especially because they "were trying to keep the alliance under wraps".

For "the five of us" -- Steven, ET, Simon, Susie and Nova -- Steven said that they "didn't need any TLC".

"We were happy to be like ‘that’s the plan’," he said, adding: "I’m happy to do as I’m told -- no one was the leader, and if someone told me who I’m voting for, then I’ll vote for ‘em, because that’s what you do on a team."

Calling it "disappointing" that Ross had also chosen not to vote for Janine, Steven was fine with him, because he'd been upfront with the rest of his alliance and because they thought they still had the numbers to eliminate her without Ross' vote.

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"Abbey took it upon herself to play the numbers to the other side and change everything," Steven explained. "And we didn’t know that we didn’t have the numbers until that point, which left myself, and ET and Nova on the wrong side of the numbers."

He continued: "Abbey was right there, she could’ve said ‘well, I’m not voting for Janine, either’, she had the opportunity to do that -- they didn’t show that on television -- but she didn’t, she chose to be deceptive and that was a move that’s totally legitimate on ‘Survivor’, but not a move that I have any respect for."

"She jumped ship because she was being manipulated by a supermodel!"

Asked if he would've voted for one of the other Champions if Abbey had suggested it, Steven said that he would've, "if it made sense".

"That’s what happened in the first vote," he said. "We’d all decided we were gonna vote for Pia, and Nova came along and said ‘I don’t wanna vote for Pia, I wanna vote for Anastasia’ and we all said ‘okay, well if you want it that bad, you can have it’. So it was by no means a dictatorship."

So what would we have seen if Steven had stayed in the game longer?

"I had some plans to make a fake idol and to use some fake clues or to recycle some previous clues, and I actually had some stuff that I’d collected to make the fake idol, but unfortunately we didn’t get to that point!" he shared.

As for who he'd like to see win, Steven will be rooting for ET or Simon, but said that "on ‘Survivor’, the competitive, physical people always get voted out, so it’s gonna be someone unassuming who coasts their way through, who nobody thinks is a threat".

With that, he turned his sights toward people he thought could win the game.

"Pia could be that person," he mused, "or on the Contenders tribe I think someone like Baden could float through as someone they see as someone they can dispose of whenever."

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