Australian Survivor 2019: Nova Slams Janine's 'Milkshake World', Says 'Good Riddance' To Pia

Chatting to 10 daily over the phone after her elimination on last night's episode of 'Australian Survivor', Nova Peris clearly had a lot to get off her chest.

Referencing our last chat -- from before the show premiered -- Nova said: "Looking back at that interview now, you can see why I said that I called out bulls**t!"

We were just getting started.

Discussing the conversation on the beach, Nova didn't sugarcoat anything while explaining her side of the story, which was that prior to tribal council, Abbey had reassured the rest of the athletes of her loyalty to them, blindsiding her former alliance when she flipped on them to vote Susie off.

"When Steven put it to her, he said ‘you’re weak’ but it’s true!" Nova exclaimed, adding that Abbey was crying "because she couldn’t own her actions".

Standing by her declaration that Abbey was serving up "crocodile tears", Nova went on to say that Abbey "became emotionally attached to David" because he flirted with her and "she folded".

"She wasn’t gonna be true to us because David had already gotten to her," Nova explained. "For her to say ‘oh I’ve found my voice’, no, Abbey, you cried because you couldn’t own your own lie, and your deception, and David had you. You became the sacrificial lamb for David. And she was our weakest link."

So why go off on Abbey and not Ross, who also flipped on the sports alliance to vote Susie out? According to Nova, it's because Ross had told his alliance that "he wasn’t gonna vote Janine, but we thought we had the numbers with Abbey".

Nova explained: "Ross said ‘I don’t like to be told what to do’, which is fine -- he’s a strange character anyway, you’ve gotta be strange to do the things he does!"

But Abbey and Ross weren't the only ones in Nova's cross-hairs as we chatted.

"At least Pia said that she was gonna lie her whole way through the game and cry when things are getting heated, and that’s what she did to Susie and myself!" Nova said, adding that she "should've been" voted out on day one.

"Susie and I saved Pia, and for Pia to vote against Susie, Pia to vote against me," Nova said, pausing for a moment.

"Pia’s brilliant at playing the game but I can’t do that," she said. "When you give your word to someone, that’s gotta mean something, and for Pia it meant nothing. So whatever, good riddance to Pia, whatever happens in her life, but you know, for me having a public life outside of ‘Survivor’, I couldn’t be anything but true to myself."

She added:

"She lives in the world of acting. I don’t live in a world of acting. I live in a world of telling the truth."

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Nova was also keen to point out the "walking contradictions" in Janine arguing to "keep the team strong" and then voting Nova out the next night.

"You voted me off!" she exclaimed. "I never lost a challenge, I was super strong and Pia was terrible in the challenges!

"For Janine to say ‘oh Champions don’t point the finger at each other’ -- in her milkshake world, that might happen, but in the sports world, that’s bulls**t!" she continued. "If you f**k up, if you do something wrong, you have to own your s**t."

While Nova assumed that Steven would be the one eliminated as they went into tribal council, she soon realised that she was on the chopping block.

"As the conversation went on during tribal council, I actually thought ‘I’m going home’," she revealed. "Halfway through, I turned and I just remember David having a big smile on his face, they were all pretty pleased with themselves, and Ross sort of turned to me and had this smile on his face and I was like ‘righteo, they’ve switched and I’m going home’."

With all said and done now, Nova said she wished that we could've seen more of her performance in the challenges.

"The water one, I won that. I won the sandpit one," she said. "If I had a say, I wish that would’ve gotten more airtime. But in terms of me being on there, I did my bit with the challenges, I never let the team down, ever."

She also would've liked us to have seen more of the ways she was "heavily involved" in the work that was done around camp, and perhaps less about the bananas.

"I was saying like ‘you know what Ross? We’ve got limited food resources out here, you can’t go and eat two bananas mate, have your one banana!’" she explained, calling it "common sense".

Calling it "a natural progression for me as a 48-year-old woman who’s spent a lot of time out bush", Nova went on to say that she also "found other types of fruit", including a grapefruit, which she said "not one of [her] team mates knew what the hell it was".

"There were a whole lot of skills that not one single person knew that I introduced them to," she said, calling it "disappointing" to not see those moments play out on the show.

Now happy to be able to talk about her "short-lived experience on 'Survivor'", Nova said that she's hoping for Simon or ET to win, from the Champions tribe.

"On the other side, I would hope that Sarah would go far, and then you look at people like your Badens of the world, and I guess Matty -- what he and John did for Sarah, that goes to show that there’s a part of their personality that’s beautiful, and I found that a gorgeous thing," she said. "And Casey, she’s gorgeous as well, and Hannah. I don’t know! There’s a lot of nice people out there!"

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