Your Astrological Guide To The Girls Of The 'Bachelor' Mansion

We all know that our 2019 'Bachelor' is an expert when it comes to astrophysics, but how will he fare astrologically when it comes to finding love?

After chatting to Matt Agnew and all of this season's bachelorettes about their astrological signs -- which you can read all about here -- we compiled all the info into a glorious spreadsheet to see if we could predict this season's winner according to the stars.

Strap yourself in, because over the next couple of months, we'll be investigating the girls' birth charts (including Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Mars signs) to figure out their compatibility with Matt and their ability to deal with drama in the 'Bachelor' mansion.

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Of Matt and the 28 girls, we've got a gaggle of Geminis, a swarm of Sagittarians, a pride of Leos, and a cocoon of Cancers -- a whole astro cocktail that we can analyse and nod knowingly when someone does something shady that we can blame on their ruling planets.

Here's our guide to everyone's Sun signs as well as a little clue as to whether they're compatible with Matt, who's a Leo, of course!

Aries: Keely
Photo: Getty/Network 10.

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is the planet of "energy, action and desire", according to Cafe Astrology. Keely is the lone ram among the 'Bach' hopefuls, which is probably a good thing because those who born under the headstrong fire sign are assertive leaders who "butt their heads into their enemies".

An Aries loves the thrill of a good conquest so there's a strong chance Keely could make a lasting impression on Matt.

Aries and Leo? A "star-powered match", according to AstroStyle.

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Taurus: Tara
Photo: Getty/Network 10.

Represented by the symbol of the bull, Taurus is "loyal, steadfast, and stubborn", according to Cafe Astrology. The site also notes that the second sign in the zodiac tends to "resist change and they have excellent follow-through" which might not work out so well in the ever-shifting Bach mansion.

Taureans love indulgence and can be peaceful creatures -- although they will blow up if someone prods them hard enough.

Taurus and Leo? A "sensual and luxurious pairing", say our friends at AstroStyle.

Gemini: Abbie, Chelsie, Sam, Sogand
Photo: Gett/Network 10.

The cheeky third sign of the zodiac gets a bad wrap for being two-faced, flighty and gossipy -- but really, they're just "unemotional and curious", according to Cafe Astrology. Geminis have a reputation for having a dual nature with their smooth communication skills but are also optimistic, adaptable and wise.

Gemini and Leo? A "dramatic and playful" match, it seems!

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Cancer: Cass, Emma, Julia, Mary
Photo: Getty/Network 10.

This water sign wears its heart on its sleeve, with Cancerians tending to be, "self-protective, sensitive" with a habit of retreating when they get hurt, according to Cafe Astrology.

Those born under the sign of the crab are often caregivers who put their own needs last -- but hopefully our Cancer bachelorettes can hold their own in the mansion and not just be someone else's cheer squad.

Cancer and Leo? The two signs have energies "as different as night and day" according to AstroStyle, so this match could be a stretch.

Leo: Brianna, Nichole, Vakoo, Nikki
Photo: Getty/Network 10.

Uh-oh, four Leos in the house vying for the attention of another Leo, there's a potential for too much fire in the Bach house with all of that pride and ego in one space. The sign of the lion is known for passion, courage and a regal manner, so says Cafe Astrology.

Leos are bold and dramatic (and might step on some toes) but are also hopeless romantics so our Leo lionesses could do well -- as long as they're scoring plenty of single dates.

Leo and Leo? AstroStyle says it can be "soul-stirring" but also lead to drama.

Virgo: Elly, Renee
Photo: Getty/Network 10.

The first word associated with Virgos is usually 'organisation' but they're so much more. Remember, Beyonce is a Virgo, after all! They're practical perfectionists who can be generous, witty and extremely charming, according to AstroStyle.

We might be able to expect our Virgo bachelorettes to be "highly productive" with a love of analysing situations -- perfect for narrating the drama-filled cocktail parties.

Virgo and Leo? Apparently as "hot as it is cold" which sounds... not great?

Libra: Danush, Rachael, Tash
Photo: Getty/Network 10.

Librans are represented by the scales because they're constantly weighing up their decisions and are notorious for sitting on the fence. Cafe Astrology tells us Librans have a "keen sense of balance" and are associated with love, beauty and artistry.

The sign can be a little co-dependent but they're also fierce supporters of their loved ones and skilled at paying meaningful compliments.

Librans and Leos? A "stellar match-up of two social butterflies" AstroStyle tells us.


Matt can breathe a sigh of relief, because this season of 'The Bachelor' is a Scorpio free zone!

Sagittarius: Georgie, Helena, Jessie, Sophie
Photo: Getty/Network 10.

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, represented by the archer because of their eternal quest for a higher purpose. Which, in the case of our four Sag bachelorettes, could be finding their way into Matt's heart.

Sagittarians have strong personalities, are risk-takers and love to go on adventures. They're also completely unafraid of speaking their mind, which could land these gals in trouble in the Bach mansion.

Leo and Sagittarius? "Dynamic and a whole lotta fun!" according to AstroStyle.

Capricorn: Isabelle, Jessica, Kristen, Monique
Photo: Getty/Network 10.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, which is all about structure, boundaries, responsibilities and commitment, according to Cafe Astrology. Represented by the determined mountain goat, Caps are usually very goal-focused, good with their finances and incredibly disciplined.

These over-achievers will stop at nothing to claim success so the other star signs in the Bach mansion should be a little worried about these Cap go-getters around.

Capricorn and Leo? It's a "fairy tale come true", says the folks at AstroStyle.

Aquarius: Hannah
Photo: Getty/Network 10.

Aquarians like being different from everyone else, so it's a good thing that Monique is the only member of the air sign in the house. The sign of the water bearer is open-minded and generous with no time for injustice!  According to AstroStyle, they can come across as being aloof and so let's hope Hannah can be a little vulnerable and open up to Matt during her time on 'The Bachelor'.


The 'Bachelor' mansion is completely free of the water sign that loves a good cry -- but there'll still be plenty of crying from the other signs, trust us.

That's a wrap on the girls' sun signs, stay tuned for our astrological recaps and a deep dive into their entire charts.

'The Bachelor Australia' premieres on Wednesday, 31 July at 7.30pm on 10 and WIN Network.

All images: Network 10.