'I Felt Like My Alliance Was Really Strong But Obviously It's Broken': Susie Maroney Voted Out Of Australian Survivor 2019

Marathon swimmer Susie Maroney felt the wrath of Janine Allis' boardroom pitch that saw two of her sporting seven alliance flip last-minute during a tense Tribal Council.

Heading to tribal once again after a pretty brutal defeat in the immunity challenge (not to mention an earlier loss in the reward challenge too), the Champions were a tribe divided.

With Janine in the crosshairs of the sporting seven, the Champion underdogs decided to throw another name out there -- Susie's. Then it was just a matter of seeing if they could sway enough of the seven to vote with them.

"I felt like my alliance was really strong but obviously, it's cracked. It's broken," Susie said following her elimination.

Susie Maroney Voted Out Of Australian Survivor 2019

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Knowing she was still strong with ET, Nova and Simon, Susie called into question the loyalty of the others in her alliance.

After their defeat, the underdogs split off to try and crack various members of the seven -- specifically targeting Abbey and big wave surfer Ross.

For Luke, buddying up to Ross was an easy task -- noticing Nova's habit of mothering Ross, the fan-favourite decided to try and chip away at the surfer's loyalty to the seven. But he was a major question mark right up until it was time to vote, giving nothing away.

"I'm sticking to what I'm thinking and full steam ahead," he told Jonathan just before the vote. "So you had a plan coming in?" Jonathan asked before Ross casually admitted, "Not at all."

Susie Maroney Voted Out Of Australian Survivor 2019

Abbey meanwhile didn't need so much cajoling, feeling like she was being left without a voice in the tribe, the AFLW player seemed to find comfort in the desperation of the outsiders in her tribe.

Offering a third tactic was international model David who decided to confront Susie at camp, letting her know which way he would be voting.

"My plan is to expose her at tribal just to show how weak she is and kind of like, rile her up a little bit," he explained.

Calling up all her years of CEO-badassery, Janine went all-in with a lecture about keeping the tribe strong and calling Susie's strength into question. Despite her history of marathon swimming, Janine was able to question what Susie could bring the tribe on land.

While the alliance pushed back as hard as they could through an argument about loyalty, it ultimately wasn't enough to save Susie... or their alliance.

With both Susie and Janine sitting on five votes and only a single vote remaining, it was a shock the seven didn't see coming as both Ross and Abbey ended up voting for Susie, making her the third person voted out of 'Australian Survivor' this season.

"So much for loyalty," Susie said after her elimination, "Nobody cares... It's really a roller coaster," she continued, "Whoever wins this is just brilliant, that's what I think."

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