Why This Prison Is So Popular And Familiar

The seventh and final season of Orange is the new Black drops on Netflix tomorrow but it's not goodbye for 'Litchfield' prison quite yet.

The final season of Orange is the new Black drops on Netflix tomorrow but while fans prepare to say goodbye to Litchfield women’s prison, it most likely won’t be the last time they see the site.

The Arthur Kill Correctional Facility is arguably one of the world’s most famous prisons where big name movies and television shows are filmed.

The Arthur Kill Correctional Facility is now a popular film set. Photo: Associated Press

The Staten Island jail was closed in 2011 by a political push from New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo to save money as New York’s inmate population was declining.

It made way for a dream space for the film and television industry.

“If you're going for that authentic prison scene, you're not gonna get anywhere else like this,” Samara Schaum from Broadway Stages told Associated Press.

Orange is the New Black fans will likely recognise the ‘Special Housing Unit’, one of the most common areas the series shot in.

“They filmed in the Catholic chapel which is in the main building. They filmed in the kitchen, again in the main building and the visitor's entrance,” Schaum said.

The Chapel featured in season six of Orange Is the New Black. Photo: Netflix

It’s not just the building itself that the production utilised.

“They filmed in the field outside, the finale of season six with the kickball game. That was filmed in the field right outside."

For silver screen and cinema fans, the set should be ringing a few bells. "TV shows and movies that have filmed here include 'Ocean's 8', 'When They See Us', 'Daredevil' [and] 'Orange is the New Black’,” said Schaum.

Up to 70 per cent of the new Netflix drama ‘When They See Us’ was filmed in the prison, the majority of which took place upstairs in the former library.

“They turned it into an interrogation room for the boys,” said Schaum. “There were three different rooms.

They turned each one into its own interrogation room, and then in the kitchen, they actually created a holding cell for the boys."

An iconic scene from Daredevil inside the prison. Photo: Associated Press.

The 67-acre space is a rarity and allows for production companies to film entire movies or television series without requiring multiple locations. ‘Daredevil is one that took up the opportunity, using the infirmary for an iconic scene.

"There was a major fight in the hallway and in a dentist area,” Schaum said.

“So it's been used—that area has been used many times, but that specifically is something that you'd probably recognise if you watch the show."

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Speaking of watching the show, season seven of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ drops on Netflix on July 26.

Behind-the-scenes filming Orange Is the New Black. Photo: Netflix

Season six left viewers with to contemplate an immigration detention centre, a favourite character being framed for murder and an unexpected release.

Now to see if the final chapter raises the bar… or stays behind them.

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