Who's Safe, Who's Not: A Summary Of Week One In 'Australian Survivor'

We may only be two tribal councils into the season, but alliances have been formed and villains are emerging already. Welcome to our weekly roundup of who's safe, who's not, and who's on the bubble.

Champions Tribe


The "Sports Team-Not-Alliance"

The seven athletes, spearheaded by Steven Bradbury, formed a Day One alliance quickly, although they don't want to call it an alliance, because they're all about being team mates and being loyal, like a sports team! (Can you sense our sarcasm? This is 'Survivor', not a church netball team, pals!)

Aside from Steven, the "Sports Team-Not-Alliance" includes Nova Peris, Simon Black, Susie Maroney, ET, Ross Clarke Jones and Abbey Holmes.

After giving Anastasia -- an athlete in her own right as a professional ballerina -- the boot at the first tribal council last night, they hold the power within the Champions tribe as the majority vote, making them all safe for the time being.

On The Bubble

Luke and David

They may be in the minority for the time being, but if you know 'Survivor', you know that things can change quickly, and Luke's teamed up with David in an effort to disband what Luke has dubbed 'The Senior Citizens Alliance'.

They're working on getting Abbey and Ross to flip, so watch this space, because who knows what's coming next week.

Meanwhile, Lukey's gone and found himself a clue to a hidden immunity idol in the middle of the night, and once he finds it, he'll be safe once again! After all, he's the king of the jungle, baby!


Janine proved her strength in tonight's reward challenge, helping the Champions take home the fishing gear. That being said, she's not currently in a strong alliance, which means her time in the game may be limited, unless she can find a way to break up the "sports team".

Not Safe


After a close call at last night's tribal council, Pia's still trying to find her place in the game. She may have escaped her fate last night with her combo of social and acting skills, but she's still on the outside of her tribe as one of the weaker players, and she's not protected by any strong alliances. For now, she's trying to work on getting in with Nova, so we'll have to wait and see how that plays out.

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Contenders Tribe

Obviously, Laura found herself on the chopping block this evening as the Contenders faced their first tribal council. You can read more about her 'Survivor' experience here.


John, Shaun, Daisy, Matty and Sam

Although they're not an official alliance -- yet -- these guys make up most of the physical strength in the Contenders tribe, and given that they're going up against literal Olympians, it's safe to say (see what we did there?) that they're going to be around in the coming weeks.

Andy and Harry

Our first two Contender villains emerge! Between Andy -- a superfan who's pretending to be a freelance writer who's into golf -- and Harry, who's looking to run the game with his "nice guy persona", these two are looking to cause some trouble.

It'll be an interesting alliance to watch play out -- we've got Harry, who wants someone to lead, and Andy, a supervillain who's playing dumb. We smell drama down the line for the two of them, but for now, they're safe.


Despite being one of the older people on her tribe, Sarah has so far proven herself to be incredibly strong in challenges. She'll still need to find herself an alliance, but for the time being, we can't see her name popping up anytime soon.

On The Bubble


Poor Casey, she tried to form a "Don't Wanna Go" alliance with Laura, and then Laura found herself immediately voted out. Will she be able to turn it around? Daisy screamed encouragement to Sarah during the reward challenge, prompting Casey to yell "what about me, Daisy?!" -- we can't help but feel that's... foreboding.


Hannah sat out the immunity challenge that found them at tribal council, and given that it's early days, she's kind of floating under the radar for the time being. Watch this space!

Not Safe


Poor, sweet Baden! Our awkward, 23-year-old outsider is on the outs with his tribe, struggling to prove himself physically, and after one of the most physically demanding challenges of all time tonight, everyone's concerned with physical strength.

Unfortunately for our dear Baden, the combination of an awkward social game and less physical strength than some of the others, it means that we can expect his name to pop up again in the coming weeks, unless he can prove himself or work his way into a strong alliance.

Andy considers him a "safe number", but will that be enough to keep him in the game? Only time will tell!

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