16 People We'd Love To See As The Next 'MasterChef' Judges

We've already begun dream-casting the next crew of judges for Season 12 of 'MasterChef Australia'.

Following the news that, after 11 years behind the judges' table, Matt, Gary and George would not be returning next year to 'MasterChef', we thought we'd take a look at who else we'd love to see step into their shoes.

Kylie Kwong

Celebrated celebrity chef Kylie Kwong would be hands-down perfect as a judge, right? She's published six books, she's worked on TV, she's owned restaurants and she's been on the show several times in the last few years. Yes thanks.

Curtis Stone

Curtis has stopped by the 'MasterChef' kitchen a handful of times over the years, plus he's kind of a babe. It was also magic watching him in Season 11's first immunity challenge where contestants had to recreate his porterhouse steak with twice-cooked chips, we'd love to see how he could push a whole new generation of 'MasterChef' hopeful achieve their dreams.

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Adam Liaw

When the news broke that the judges would be leaving, folks rushed to get a comment from former contestants like Adam Liaw. You know what they should have asked him? If he'd consider being a judge.

Also if he'd do all his judging in budgie smugglers. Since winning the second season of 'MasterChef', Adam has gone on to have a brilliant career, publishing five cookbooks, launching 'Destination Flavour' (which is criminally underrated) and being an absolute legend on Twitter.

Poh Ling Yeow

Speaking of former contestants who definitely deserve a spot behind the judges' table -- Season 11 mentor Poh Ling Yeow brought a much-needed serenity, along with her brand of humour and heart to the 'MasterChef' kitchen. The artist, chef, presenter and author knows how to make it in the industry, and was SUCH a joy to watch in her all too brief appearances this season.

Maggie Beer

Icon. Legend. Do we really need to say more?

Clayton Donovan

Clayton grew up on Gumbaynggirr and Bundjalung land, learning about the native produce of the land when he was just four-years-old. That love of bush foods and native ingredients have been integral to Clayton's cooking -- and his Janning Tree restaurant made him Australia's only hatted Indigenous chef. He also hosted ABC's Wild Kitchen so he's no stranger to being on-screen. It would be amazing to see someone who could bring awareness and education of the unique flavours of Australia to the series.

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Nigella Lawson

We just want to hear Nigella talk about "sumptuous" ingredients and see her wandering around the kitchen grabbing snacks. I mean, it's Nigella, she's the best.

Samin Nosrat

First of all, if you haven't watched 'Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat' on Netflix -- go do that now. Just cancel your plans and do it. Samin Nosrat is the personification of the joys of cooking -- a celebrated best-selling author, watching the way Samin interacts with the basic components of food (aforementioned salt, fat, acid and heat) and broadens it out into gorgeously delicious food is unadulterated happiness. Seeing her as a judge would be just perfect.

Luke Nguyen

With a stack of cookbooks, a restaurant and a ton of shows -- Luke would be the perfect addition to the judging panel. He's also been on 'MasterChef' as a guest judge a few times so he's no stranger to the show!

Mark Olive

With more than three decades of cooking experience in his apron, Mark "The Black Olive" Olive is one of Australia's most celebrated chefs. A Bundjalung man, Mark has previously hosted 'The Outback Cafe' series, 'On Country Kitchen' and 'The Chefs' Line' where he already appeared as a host. Perfect fit? We think so.

Marco Pierre-White

Every judging panel needs someone with a harsher hand, and who better than the man who once made Gordon Ramsey cry? Marco appeared on four seasons of 'MasterChef Australia' as well as the South African and New Zealand versions of the show, has done a STACK of other TV work, has years of experience behind him and -- when he was 32 -- became the youngest chef and first British chef to be awarded three Michelin stars. He not only trained Gordon but also a few other familiar names like Curtis Stone and Shannon Bennett!

Paul West

Okay so it's 2019 and sustainability, food waste and education around the impacts of our eating and farming habits are getting more and more serious. Paul was the host of 'River Cottage Australia' where he would show methods of self-sustainable farming as well as showing off local produce. Having someone with that kind of knowledge would be brilliant to bring into the world of 'MasterChef', giving contestants -- and viewers at home -- a lot more insight into where our foods come from, and how what we put on our plates can impact our future.

Bill Granger

With about 10 books to his name, Bill is basically the man behind brunch in Australia. Opening his restaurants around Sydney, then taking them around the world, Bill could broaden the next batch of 'MasterChef' hopefuls to look at simple everyday food, and turn it into an empire.

Donna Hay

With a whopping 27 best-selling cookbooks to her name, Donna Hay has established herself as a queen in the Australian food industry. She also served as the editor-in-chief of 'Donna Hay Magazine', the food editor for 'Marie Claire' and also served as the food editor at 'The Age' and 'SMH'. On top of all that, Donna has worked across TV and even launched her massively successful homewares.

Ina Garten

We said this was dream casting, right? Well if you don't know who Ina Garten is you really need to do your homework. Fast facts about Ina -- she's an author, a tv host, and she also wrote the nuclear energy budget and policy for Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford. Talk about career diversity. Self-taught, Ina's the absolute dream come to life for some of these 'MasterChef' hopefuls who dream of turning their passion for food into a lifelong career.

That Shirtless Peruvian Guy

What!!! Apparently he cooks or whatever...

Anyone we missed? Let us know who you'd like to see as one of the next judges.

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