The Bachelor Australia 2019: Meet The Bachelorettes

With just a few days before 'The Bachelor Australia' 2019 premiere where astrophysicist Matt Agnew will try to find love with one of these 28 bachelorettes.

Let's get straight into it and meet this year's bachelorettes.

Abbie, 23, QLD

You probably recognise Abbie from her viral response to what Matt does for a living, "Okay... I'm a Gemini," she proudly told the astrophysicist.

A property analyst, Abbie is absolutely against litterbugs. "I cannot stand intentional littering," she said, "I would probably give someone a one time pass, but if it happened twice I couldn't deal!"

Brianna, 24, WA

Brianna is a woman of many talents. She can do a headstand, a fake sneeze and she can talk with a mouthful of water, which will probably come in handy if someone tries to push her in the mansion pool on a group date.

Loving that drama-free life, Brianna is on the hunt for her ideal man who will not only get her sense of humour but will basically be "like a best friend".

Cassandra, 33, SA

Jewellery designer Cass said her dream date would be getting "pampered with massages followed by snorkelling and good food". While that all sounds great, she also admits she's probably still single because she has a "high standard" of herself and others. "And I have been quite focused on my career and building my jewellery business."

When asked who her favourite fictional couple is, Cass told 10 daily, "Romeo and Juliet... minus the death". Okaaay, spoilers! We hadn't gotten up to that bit yet.

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Chelsie, 28, VIC

Chemical engineer Chelsie impresses Matt on the red carpet with her temporary tattoo of the love molecule. More like moleCUTE (sorry).

Chelsie admitted that she hasn't "been on many dates before", so her idea o a dream date is to just "go to the beach or something". Dream big, Chelsie.

Danush, 34, VIC

Danush knows what she wants -- and what she doesn't want is a smoker. That's her big dealbreaker.

After her last long-term relationship ended six years ago, Danush said she has been pretty unlucky in love -- but after watching 'The Bachelor' she saw it work for a few couples and decided it was her turn to find her Mr Right.

Elly, 24, NSW

Elly's a nurse from country NSW whose dream date was described as "going on an adventure of some kind or being outdoors and doing an activity!"

She went on to say: "I find sit-down dinners can put a lot of pressure on you to have conversation flow. Hence why a fun activity is always a good option and a good chance to have a bit of banter! E.g. fishing, going to the beach etc."

She then added: "If I let my imagination run wild, a dream date for me would be a day full of outdoor activities like fishing (and actually catching heaps of fish) and mud crabbing then heading off to a beach where we'd cook up our catch in a camp oven. Then spend the evening around the fire, listening to music."

So, nothing too specific then.

Emma, 32, NSW

Irish-born Emma is a fashion brand manager who told 10 daily her favourite fictional couple is Carrie and Mr Big, adding that their whole dynamic was "complicated, but they found love in the end".

Emma also said that she loves to be in love, so she's on the right show. Her perfect partner is someone who is kind, considerate, a good listener, a great communicator and... tall. He also has to love dogs, because she's got two: Teddy and Bear.

Georgie, 32, QLD

Okay she may be from "Queensland" but Georgie is actually from the Queen's Land -- Birmingham, England to be exact.

Georgie's dream date would be something casual like a walk or a little activity, "followed by cheese and wine with some live music". What Georgie doesn't know is that she basically described 80 percent of all 'Bachelor' dates, so she's in luck!

Hannah, 25, VIC

When asked how she planned to win Matt's heart, 25-year-old Hannah responded: "With my massive knockers."

Quickly adding that she was kidding, Hannah went on to say she hoped the Bachelor would share her "dorky sense of humour". "And then it's just a matter of working my womanly charm, battering my eyelids and showing off my lion taming skills. You know... just the usual things."

Just the usual things, indeed.

Helena, 25, WA

Mauritius-born Helena (the H is silent!) has decided that the next person she dates is going to be 'the one'. Describing that perfect partner, Helena said she's looking for someone who is loyal, ambitious, has a joy for life and can lift her up when she's down. Basically, she's looking for a really happy elevator.

In 10 years time, Helena said she hopes to be "happily married with three beautiful children. Working in a job that I love and that fulfils me".

Isabelle, 29, QLD

When asked who her favourite fictional couple is, Isabelle told 10 daily she didn't have one, adding: "I just feel like all fictional characters and couples and that sort of thing are based on really extreme circumstances.

"I think like, oh maybe 'Beauty and the Beast'... and then I'm like nope, she was captured and then they fell in love. I shouldn't say something like that, that's terrible. So I don't really have one."

Well, if Isabelle isn't a fan of love stories that include women being held in beautiful mansions against their wills... she's in for a surprise.

Jessica, 30, VIC

When asked what her ideal man would be like, 30-year-old makeup artist Jessica said, "I want a man who is driven and independent but also loving, romantic and kind."

She added that she loves the tall, dark and handsome type, "but personality is always the winner for me".

Her worst date included a time when a guy came to a party ON HER BIRTHDAY, and when she went to get a drink, she came back to find him kissing another girl. Hope she kept the receipt for that gift.

Jessie, 30, WA

Jessie described her dream date as: "A drive out into the hills. Wine tasting, good food and live music." But, oh no! Jessie! The hills are alive with the sound of music. Run, Jessie, run!!!

Julia, 28, NSW

Bachie Matt loves space, the stars and all that -- so he'd be happy to hear that Julia's idea of the perfect date would be a picnic under the stars with some hot chocolate.

A children's entertainer, Julia admitted that she's been single for about six years, but that hasn't stopped her from being a hopeless romantic. When asked to describe her perfect partner, Julia said: "No one is perfect, but someone who loves God and loves me".

Keely, 27, QLD

Keely described herself as "very low maintenance" before adding, "You just need to make sure that I am fed and watered every couple of hours and I will be happy as can be."

When asked how she'd handle confrontation in the house, Keely said she'd "probably bring a plate of food and have a cool and calm discussion with that person" so, uhhh Keely? We're in a fight. Can you bring us, like, a chicken Pad Thai and cool and calm white wine?

Kristen, 24, QLD

When we asked China-loving Kristen who her favourite fictional couple was -- it took her a second before she told 10 daily: "I would say 'Brooklyn 99's Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago.

"I love how they have such a fun, romantic relationship," she said adding, "I have a weird thing where my eyes water when I'm really excited and when I see them my eyes water." Not only is their relationship full hashtag couple goals for Kristen, but she also said she went through a full pantsuit phase inspired by Amy's fashion on the show.

Mary, 31, VIC

When we asked Mary who out of all the former Bachelorettes she thinks she's most like, she immediately responded: "None of those bitches. None of them. I'm pretty unique."

She then went on to tell 10 daily that her biggest fear ahead of going into the 'Bachelor' mansion was being scared she might not find a connection with the Bach. She then added that her other fear was, "if the guy is good looking or not".

"If he was another Honey Badger I'm like... I'm out, bitches."

Monique, 26, NSW

Fashion designer Monique said her major relationship deal-breakers include people who don't show mutual respect. Monique also has no time for cheating, or people who don't like dogs. "I love dogs," she said, "and the ocean".

Nichole, 25, QLD

Nichole apparently applied to be on 'The Bachelor' because she was at a friend's place helping her apply. Obviously, wine was involved, "They suggested I should apply as well," Nichole said, "so I thought 'Why the hell not, I've got nothing to lose!'"

She also apparently has the nickname "Noodle" but we don't know why and, honestly, we love the mystery!

Nikki, 24, NSW

Nikki was asked what one trait was that might make the Bachelor run in the other direction to which she responded, "Aside from my man voice, maybe my dodgy fake tan when it is due for a revamp and I look like a tiger loaf that has been sitting on a Woolworths shelf for 45 years."

When asked why she thought she was picked to be on this season Nikki told 10 daily to "bippity boppity buckle up" before revealing the following traits: "Aside from the fact that I'm an awkward car sales wavy inflatable man -- I'm so uncoordinated -- arrest me, officer, I'm obviously hilarious.

"I can make my eyebrows dance, which means I'm ready for romance. I laugh like a seal! Aside from that... I'm pretty down-to-earth."

The last thing to know about Nikki is -- if you're going to date her, you better be ready to splurge on extra Sweet & Sour sauces. She ain't dippin' into a 24-pack with less than three sauces!

Rachael, 23, NSW

Personal trainer Rachael thinks she's going to be "the next Keira". "I'm very outspoken and I call a spade a spade," she told 10 daily. "Like if I don't think something's right I'll stand up for what I think."

Showing up on the first night in a wedding dress, Rachael is ready to find her groom -- and might stir the pot a little along the way. Oh, and her perfect wedding wouldn't be Episode 1 of a reality TV show. "Probably Bali, Byron or Fiji. Somewhere tropical or in the hinterland or rainforest," she said. "It has to be a laid-back vibe."

Nothing more laid back than showing up to meet someone in a wedding dress!

Renee, 25, NT

Renee is hoping to meet a man who'll share her love for things like motocross and spearfishing -- but when asked what her ideal date would be she said she was "easy to please".

"Take me to a beach to watch the sunset with a good wine and cheese platter." Well, Renee, you've come to the right show if you love cheese platters.

Sam, 29, VIC

Sam described her perfect partner as somebody who would love adventure and travelling, "But can also be happy with the simple life of sitting on the couch in front of the fire with a wine."

She's also looking for someone who'll keep her on her toes and makes her want to be a better person. She's also incredibly passionate about gender equality and ending world poverty -- so good luck to anyone who can make her better than she already is.

Sogand, 30, NSW

When asked where she sees herself in 10 years, 30-year-old Sogand said, "10 years from now I'll be 40!"

Her greatest achievement would be getting accepted into the University of Sydney. As Sogand explains, "I remember having a one-on-one with the career advisor at my school in Year 11 and telling him how I wanted to do Architecture.

"His exact words were; 'You will need a UAI of 93 for that and you can’t even speak proper English. Even people that can speak English, can’t get that UAI.' I left that room with a mission to prove him wrong and ended up getting a UAI of 95!"

Sophie, 25, VIC

While Sophie might be ready to see if Matt's the man for her, she isn't necessarily looking to walk down an aisle any time soon. "If I met the right person and we both wanted the same things, for sure," she said, "I don't believe I need to be married to be happy."

Tara, 25, VIC

Tara is ready to find love again, after admitting that she hasn't met anyone she's connected with in almost two years she also added that online dating just isn't her vibe.

"I feel like dating these days is predominantly done using mobile phone/apps and I just find it so impersonal," she said.

Tara's idea of a dream date is a surprise. "I wouldn't want to know anything about the date, except the dress code," she said, "Some good entertainment, great food and even better wine. Hopefully the sun is shining and the wind isn't blowing my hair into my lipstick."

Tash, 34, NSW

Tash is a sports teacher from New South Wales who is looking for someone who'll enjoy an active life with her or else she'll probably give them a really bad mark.

When asked what her secret talent is, Tash said: "If I told you, I'd have to kill you." So we're assuming her secret talent is... murder.

Vakoo, 23, NSW

Vakoo is a model who knows what she wants in life. Her dealbreakers include anger issues, untrustworthy peopl,e poor hygiene, laziness, people who aren't confident, who don't want kids and who aren't funny.

"My top two would be someone who lies a lot and a person who is unfaithful," she told 10 daily.

"Those would be my main ones, she said. "I have so many! Sometimes I say I don't look for much in a guy, then I think of all the things and I'm like... oh, okay... that's why I'm still looking."

'The Bachelor Australia' premieres on Wednesday, 31 July at 7.30pm on 10 and WIN Network.

All images: Network 10.