The Best Tweets From The 'Australian Survivor' Season Premiere

'Australian Survivor' is finally back and the premiere didn't disappoint, diving straight into the drama.

Our first look at our champions and contenders felt like a feature film, with a VERY cinematic intro as they all waded through rivers and climbed a big ol' hill to meet up with Jonathan LaPaglia.

We were re-acquainted with the 'people's champion' Luke Toki, who we're sure has every intention of opening up another branch (ha!) of his infamous spy shack.

John impressed his tribe pretty early on with his fierce wrestling skills but the rest of Australia was more transfixed by his glorious curly mullet.

Everyone had a lot of feelings about Anastasia the memory champion who used to ballet so hard her shoes would fill with blood!

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Laura gave Anastasia a good knee to the face but she apologised so it's totally fine!

The international model who's definitely the first 'Survivor' contestant to bring a leather jacket along for the ride.

Andy's quick lie to cover the fact he's really a marketing/advertising dude (as if the white visor didn't give it away already).

The reminder that this is NOVA's KITCHEN and she will not be needing your help hacking vegetables for her boiled pumpkin stew, thank you very much, Anastasia.

Stephen Bradbury's early plans for a 7-way athlete alliance brought on a lot of Bradbury jokes, which we're fully expecting will continue for the rest of the season.

For a while there it looked like Pia was in serious trouble but, luckily, she has a history of ~looking~ for things. Perhaps she'll find an idol before the next tribal council?

Fans had some clever advice for Janine when the tribes had to jump and scuttle their way over those ramps and hurdles in the immunity challenge.

But weren't really sure why Dave and Stephen were in charge of the disastrous axe throwing that meant the Contenders took home the idol.

While it really looked like the ~athlete's alliance~ were going to send Pia home, Nova worked her magic and got Anastasia's name on nearly all the tribal council ballots so she'll be able to cook her pumpkins in peace next time.

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' premieres Wednesday, 24 July at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.

Feature image: 10