The Bachelor 2019: Matt's Looking For A Best Friend As Well As A Partner

Chatting to 10 Daily, astrophysicist and our new Bachelor Matt Agnew said that the woman of his dreams would be like a best friend to him, as well as a partner.

"I think a lot of the qualities I'm looking for aren’t unique to me, it’s what a lot of people look for," he began.

Looking for someone who's "compassionate, generous, supportive and likes to have fun, likes to be silly", Matt added that he likes to "goof off and mess around" and wants his partner to have a similar approach to the world.

"I think that playfulness that you have with a best friend is what I’m looking for in a partner, as well," he shared.

After trying out "various dating apps and all of that", Matt said that he signed up to be the Bachelor because, simply, he's "looking for love".

"I know it sounds cliché," he said, laughing.

Noting that he's "not one to shy away from an opportunity", Matt said that he thought that this would be "a really interesting opportunity to meet someone".

For the most part, Matt said that his 'Bachelor' journey was "pretty much what [he] expected" it to be, with the most surprising part being that he "genuinely found everyone interesting and engaging".

He explained: "All of the women, we had some sort of connection, and I think going into this, I was under no delusion that I was gonna be everyone’s fit and you know, that they’re all gonna be mine, but it did feel genuinely that there was some connection, there was some engagement, I did really get along with everyone who came into the house."

Given that he was vibing with all the women on some level, we had to know if the cocktail parties were just completely overwhelming,

"Yes!" he laughed. "It was very difficult. I mean, you'll see -- it’s very apparent, I’d say, that I’m struggling to juggle my time early on, for sure."

Matt went on to say that having to split his time between "all these wonderful women" and having "small opportunities to get to know someone as best you can" meant that they would have "these really accelerated conversations" about the potential for a relationship.

"It’s like ‘hey, yeah, I’m Matt, where do you see yourself next year and do you wanna start a family?’" he explained, laughing. "Everything’s just amplified and accelerated."

In fact, the entire experience of filming was "very different from anything" Matt's ever done before, which -- understandably -- made him "very aware of the cameras, initially".

Although he soon "found a groove" and found that the cameras faded into the background, Matt said that it was still "a very strange experience, regardless of how you slice it."

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But enough about filming, though, right? We wanted to know more about our newest Bachie, who he is and what he's into. Like, what does an astrophysicist do for fun when they're not searching for new planets, or whatever? Does he watch TV like a normie?

Turns out, yes, Matt also watches TV. Aside from that, he likes to "keep fit, usually outdoors if possible, but also in the gym".

"I do like yoga -- I’m pretty bad at it! -- but I enjoy it," he revealed with a laugh.

"I like baking, cooking, hanging out with mates, trying out new bars and cafés," he said, adding that it was "a lot of pretty standard stuff".

Matt paused. "I’m trying to think if there’s a really obscure hobby I have but I think a lot of them are things that a lot of people enjoy doing!" he exclaimed.

Asked if he had any weird collections that we should know about, he laughed.

"Nah! Not that I can think of! I really hate putting sentimentality to material possessions, so I really try to stay away from collections and things like that," he shared.

"Oh! This is probably going to be the nerdiest answer," he continued, "but probably the only thing I’ve got that could be considered a collection is, NASA made these old school retro travel posters, of exoplanets that have been discovered. I’ve got like five or six of them hanging up in my house, but other than that, nothing, really!"

Of course, it's hard to describe who you are as a person and sing your own praises, so we called up Bachie host Osher Günsberg to get the scoop on what Matt's really like.

Turns out, Osh is a fan!

"Our Bachelor Matt is a wonderful man," he told 10 Daily over the phone. "He’s kind, he’s very smart, he’s very handsome, he’s got a real humility about him. He still has a little ‘can’t quite believe it’ when he says ‘will you accept this rose’ and they say yes. He’s like ‘ooh!’, so thrilled."

The host wasn't done singing Matt's praises, though.

"He’s a very clever guy," he continued. "We have deep, philosophical conversations about the nature of the universe, and yet he’s also a very respectful man and he really sees what it is each of the women have done with their lives, and he has great respect for that and great respect for his role as the Bachelor.

"He’s a lovely bloke and I can’t wait for you to see it!" he concluded, and honestly, we can't wait either.

Now, we also asked Matt to explain his ideal date, and you can see his response in the video above.

'The Bachelor Australia' will premiere on Wednesday, 31 July at 7.30pm.

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