The Tensest Moments From The 'MasterChef' Finale

That was one stressful grand finale, and while we may have crowned a winner -- we also bit all our fingernails off in the lead-up.

The 2019 'MasterChef' finale may have crowned Larissa as this year's top contender, but the road to the finish was not an easy one for our final three.

While we search for some band-aids to cover the bite marks along our fingers, we thought we'd take you through some of the most harrowing, nerve-wracking and tense moments of the finale.

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1. All of Shannon's feedback

The Tensest Moments From The 'MasterChef' Finale

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It was so good to see Shannon Bennett as the guest mentor for the finale but let's be real, he does not mess around. Shannon didn't hold back when it came to giving his honest feedback about Simon, Tessa and Larissa's dishes, the speed they were cooking and the standards he was expecting them to plate up. Every time he approached their stations we basically had a mild freak-out.

2. Making marron out of a molehill

It was marron-palooza in the finale with Tessa serving it as her first course and Larissa using marron tail in her main. But things did not go smoothly for either. First up, Tessa overcooked her marron meaning she had to start her entree from scratch.

The Tensest Moments From The 'MasterChef' Finale

Over on Larry's station, she was dealing with Shannon's advice that one serve of marron per-dish would not be enough, forcing her to re-think. If that wasn't stressful enough, Larry realised she wouldn't have time to prep two serves of marron per dish, so she had to adjust again, finally settling on serving one and a half for each diner.

The Tensest Moments From The 'MasterChef' Finale

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3. Simon's sloppy cake

Meanwhile, king of the veggies Simon was preparing his dessert -- a pumpkin cake, pumpkin ice cream and earl grey tuile -- while Shannon peered over at his very runny cake batter.

The Tensest Moments From The 'MasterChef' Finale

And to be fair?? Shannon had a point. That cake batter was basically a pumpkin smoothie, so when he said that our hearts began to race, but everything turned out FINE when Simmo pulled his perfect cakes out of the oven.

4. Oh god, not the bone saw

After struggling through a mountain of marron, Larissa had to also get her entree ready. Already behind -- Shannon told Larry she needed to get started on her bone marrow with onion soubise, but first, she'd need to prep her bones and clean them.

The Tensest Moments From The 'MasterChef' Finale

Basically, we don't think we'll be able to EVER get the sound of Larry scraping down the sides of those bones out of our brains. With so many bones to prep, Larry began to fall further behind Simon and Tessa. She should have kept the bone saw, might have gotten the job done a lot quicker.

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5. Is that the Wagyu like your beef?

From overdone marron to underdone beef, Tessa didn't have the best luck when she sliced into her beef finding it bloody and undercooked throughout. Forced to throw the beef back into the oven, Tessa is five minutes behind service as she attempts to use every last second she can to get a perfect cook on her main.

The Tensest Moments From The 'MasterChef' Finale

Once Tessa yanked her beef out of the oven and plated up her fillets, it was perfectly pink with the judges admitting the beef was cooked beautifully. Thank god.


After all that, as she's racing to plate up, Tessa accidentally knocked her tray of beef with the oven door causing us to actually lose our minds.

The Tensest Moments From The 'MasterChef' Finale

We're literally about to scream, look how close that Waygu was from being perfectly cooked to perfectly covered in floor.

7. Desserts spelled backwards is stressed

After the marron fiasco of 2019, you would hope dessert queen Larissa would have a smoother ride to the finish. Nope, not in this three-course meal stress-fest. The good news fairy Shannon appeared to point out Larry's meringues had collapsed, and we got a dramatic shot of them in the oven. Then, it was time for the sorbet.

The Tensest Moments From The 'MasterChef' Finale

Frozen solid, Larry begins to unravel as two of her main components aren't at all where they need to be. Still, using a bit of hot water, Larissa is able to save her sorbet, and through some inventive plating was able to not only plate her dessert -- but managed to score a whopping perfect score from the judges.

8. The damn gantry

For the final time in 2019, we got a huge dose of gantry stress from former contestants as well as the final three's family. From Simon's mum admitting that he's got a dirty bedroom to Tessa's mum cheering on her 'organisational joy', everyone was just as stressed watching it live as we were watching on the couch covered in take-out.


The Tensest Moments From The 'MasterChef' Finale


The Tensest Moments From The 'MasterChef' Finale


The Tensest Moments From The 'MasterChef' Finale


The Tensest Moments From The 'MasterChef' Finale

Not only that, but were we the only ones feeling very bad for the gantry who spent the entire challenge watching the final three cook... and everyone else eat?! Were there snack plates up there? A bowl of party mix?! No wonder everyone looked stressed out, they were probably famished.

What an absolutely wild ride to finish out an amazing season.

All images: Network 10.