How Larissa’s 'MasterChef' Journey Led To Her Engagement With Fiancé Luke

Our 'MasterChef Australia' winner for 2019 -- Larissa Takchi -- is set to tie the knot with her long-time partner, Luke Dominelli.

Speaking to 10 daily after her big win, we couldn't help but notice the sparkly ring on her finger that definitely wasn't there when she was de-tailing marron and slicing beetroot during the grand finale.

"Who couldn’t? It’s so in your face," she laughed, showing off her new jewellery. 

Larissa explained that her boyfriend of six years, Luke, proposed to her just a week after she became the youngest person ever to take home the title of 'MasterChef Australia'.

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"Obviously, it was recorded months ago and I’ve had time at home, but yeah he popped [the question] like a week after," Larry told 10 daily. 

"That was a great little bonus for me as well," she said of the week that was full of stratospheric highs. 

Photo: Network 10.

Making it so far in the competition meant that Larissa was away from Luke and her family for the best part of six months, communicating only via mail and brief telephone calls.

Larissa said the competition was a real test to their relationship but that it reaffirmed their bond "100 percent".

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"I think that experience can either make or break a relationship -- for us, it made it," she told 10 daily. 

"It was just confirmed that, if you can deal with this situation under this kind of pressure and you can still support me at the end of the day, not seeing me, not being able to talk to you..."

Photo: Network 10.

The time apart showed Larry just how supportive Luke was, explaining that not many relationships undergo the 'MasterChef' pressure test.

"Not everyone can have that test in their relationship to see how much someone will actually be there for you, so it was a very unique experience," she said. 

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While Larissa and the Top 24 were busy in the 'MasterChef' kitchen, getting slammed with invention tests, pressure tests and mystery box challenges nearly every day, the loved ones waiting at home were just going through the much slower paces of their daily lives.

The moment Larry found out she'd won. Photo: Network 10.

"You can see how hard it is, not only for us but it’s hard for them, the people you leave at home," Larry told 10 daily. 

"They’re struggling as much as we are and we’re busy with challenges and it’s exciting, for them it’s probably actually a bit harder," she added. 

Wedding bells are also on the cards for Top 6 contestant Nicole Scott who also got engaged right after she left the competition.

Congrats, Larry and Nicole!

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