We Asked Last Year's Survivors For Their Best 'Australian Survivor' Tips

Hi friends, happy 'Australian Survivor' premiere day!

Hopefully by now, you've got your 'Survivor' party all planned, you've picked your faves, drafted your fantasy team and are ready for what's set to be the best season of 'Australian Survivor' to date.

Ahead of tonight's premiere, though, we got to wondering: What did last year's crew of 'Champions and Contenders' think was the most important advice they could pass on from their experience.

Here's what our former contestants had to say.


"Find someone who loves a lol as much as you, and laugh your way to the finish line," said Fenella -- one half of last year's iconic #Shonella power couple.

"At best it should mean you're out there long enough to get a decent tan and a bangin bod?!" she added.

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"Hot tip -- use the fine grain sand as a daily exploitation!!!" Shonee exclaimed, adding that it was "very very very important!"


In a real case of TMI, Robbie shared: "Coconuts are laxatives… Thank me later."



In classic Benji form, the villain's best advice was to "dive into the nachos!"

We lowkey suspect he just wanted to force us into using this gif again, but we love him for it. Our gross king!


 Remember Sharn's iconic idol poop? Sharn does!

"My hot tip for the new batch of contestants is: ‘If and when they find an idol, if they conceal it within their clothing, to make sure it’s firmly tucked away!'" Sharn said.

Legends only, tbh.


Mat was voted out in one of the wildest tribal councils we've ever seen, when Benji convinced Sharn not to play her idol for Mat, which led to Mat being blindsided and eliminated with an idol in his pocket.

His advice? "Everyone is going to lie to you, trust your gut and hope for the best," he said.

Yew, indeed!


Australian Olympic freestyle skier gold medallist Lydia offered up some solid advice, saying: "In your small stash of clothes, make sure you pack some warm ones!"


And Shane Gould, former Olympian and last year's Sole Survivor, offered up the most practical advice of the group.

"Drink the amount of water that’s recommended," said Shane. Honestly, it's good advice even if you're NOT going on 'Survivor', right?

Survivors ready?!

'Australian Survivor' kicks off tonight, Wednesday at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN networks.