'Supernatural' Stars Get Emotional For Their Last SDCC Panel Ever

The cast of the long-running series 'Supernatural' became a bit overwhelmed at their final San Diego Comic-Con panel.

"I'm trying not to cry," one of the show's stars, Jared Padalecki told the massive crowd in SDCC's Hall H. "Can we all just start crying so I don't feel so weird?"

Joined by co-stars Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and Alexander Calvert, as well as series executive producers Robert Singer, Andrew Dabb, Eugenie Ross-Leming, Brad Buckner and Robert Berens, were all in attendance to celebrate the 14 years of the massive series.

Ackles echoed his co-star's emotional response to the day telling the crowd, "It really is hard to express the takeaway from the experience".

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"Fourteen years and change is a long time... we hoofed it up to Vancouver thinking we would just put our lives on hold and we would do a season -- maybe two," Ackles said. "Life never got unpaused, and I'm glad it didn't."

Meanwhile, Collins reflected on his co-stars calling them "lifelong friends". "I could never have dreamed that along with that would come this incredible fandom and this iconic legacy of a show."

Ahead of the show's 15th and final season, the show -- which will have a total of 320 episodes when the series finale goes to air -- the gang teased what's to come in the upcoming season.

After the massive events in Season 14, the gang promised fans were in for a bumpy ride. And while we don't know exactly what to expect, showrunner Andrew Dabb joked, "The things we have in mind, I guess about 30 percent of people will be really happy... if you thought 'Game of Thrones' was angry..."

Following the emotional panel, Ackles told the crowd how much he loved them while Padalecki -- who just celebrated his birthday -- told fans, "I'm the luckiest guy on the planet".

Featured image: Twitter.