Who Will Win 'MasterChef' 2019? A Guide To The Top Three

They've made it through months of cooking challenges and successfully plated up Peter Gilmore's White Coral -- but will it be Larissa Takchi, Simon Toohey or Tessa Boersma who take home the title of 'MasterChef' 2019?

After Tim Bone bowed out of the competition, our final four became three -- facing one final daunting final challenge.

Simon, Tessa and Larry will have to get through a three-course service challenge for 60 VIP guests, with the only silver lining being that they're allowed to cook whatever they want to show how far they've come in the competition.

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"We want to see how far you've developed and who you are on three plates," Matt Preston told the finalists, which honestly sounds like a lot!

We decided to break down the various talents of our final three to see if we can figure out who might join the likes of Sashi Cheliah, Elena Duggan, Billie McKay and Adam Liaw in the 'MasterChef' hall of fame.

In alphabetical order, here are your 2019 grand finalists:

Larissa Takchi
Photo: Network 10.

Could Larissa become the youngest person to win in 'MasterChef' history? The 22-year-old could beat the record set by a then 24-year-old Brent Owens in Season 6 followed by Billie McKay (also 24) the following year.

Last year, Sashi became the oldest 'MasterChef' winner (at 39) so it could be time for the youngsters to shine.

Claim to fame: Larry has made a name for herself as an honest, wisecracking dessert queen who isn't afraid to experiment with flavours and take a risk. She's been a gun as team captain, usually uses her time wisely and spent probably hundreds of hours studying cookbooks during her downtime in the house.

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Star dishes: She wowed Rick Stein with her chargrilled cuttlefish and garlic bone marrow and proved that she wasn't just a one-trick (dessert) pony.  She impressed Heston with her chocolate and cola panna cotta with cola honeycomb, and she won dish of the day with her lemon crème fraiche and cucumber palate cleanser.

Immunity pin history: Larry finally claimed her first pin after beating Adam D'Sylva in that challenge where she chose corn, Corn Flakes, curry leaves and blackberries for them both to cook with.

Simon Toohey
Photo: Network 10.

Simon famously entered the competition with dreams of opening a vegan smokehouse but recently told 10 daily that his plans are actually much broader. He wants to celebrate "great vegetables and flavours people have forgotten about", and educate the nation about food waste and sustainability.

Claim to fame: The bartender from Victoria has become known for his inventive treatment of vegies (remember the whole Brussels sprouts stem??) but also his ability to turn around solid seafood dishes and desserts as well.

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Star dishes: The first time Simon emerged as a real contender (in our honest opinion) in this competition was his Japanese set custard with pickled mushrooms and burnt leek. And Nigella was impressed too! His roasted cauliflower with black garlic toum and fried cabbage with Jerusalem artichoke were also big winners.

Immunity pin history: Simon never won an immunity pin but isn't that almost more impressive to make it this far in the comp without the help of any 'MasterChef' jewellery?

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Tessa Boersma
Photo: Network 10.

Could Tessa become the first Queenslander to take home the 'MasterChef' trophy? So far it's been a steady stream of cooks from NSW (five), Victoria (three) and South Australia (two) so the Brisbane-based cook could take home the Sunshine State's first win.

Claim to fame: Tessa is the criminal statistician by day who just happens to be a kitchen whiz who's a gun at filleting fish and de-boning meat. She entered the 'MasterChef' showing real talent and has laboriously perfected her techniques and flavour combinations, elevating them to a fine-dining level.

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Star dishes: She blew George's head off with that chilli mud crab, nearly made the judges weep with her Moreton Bay bug and yabby with caviar, showed off her inventiveness with this cheese and onion mille-feuille and proved she was someone to beat after serving this pork belly in a garden of orange.

Immunity pin history: Tessa scored herself TWO immunity pins this season -- first for her pork belly and then for her cheese and onion milly-filly.

Photo: Network 10.

So, Larry, Simon or Tessa -- who will it be?

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