Simon Toohey's Cheeky Tattoo Honouring His Family Legacy

Just a day away from the 'MasterChef' grand finale, we found out a very interesting fact about one of the top four.

First of all, if the name wasn't a big enough giveaway, it was a bit of news to us that Simon is basically Australian royalty.

Part of the Tooheys family -- Simon is a direct descendant of John Toohey, one of the two brothers who began brewing their own beer.

Not only that, but he's also got an old black Toohey's tag on his butt.

"On my right side of my butt, on my beltline near my right hip," he told 10 daily adding, "it was an 18-year-old thing, I thought it would be really cool!"

Unfortunately, the family tie to the brewery is name only now and his branded butt has yet to get him any free beers (in fact, he admitted he was more likely to get kicked out of a venue for trying to flash his bum than reap the rewards).

"It's a family crest so it's kinda cool and does mean something," he said.

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But the brothers aren't the only booze-pioneers in the family, with Simon working as a mixologist cocktail barman in London. Working at Callooh Callay which was recognised with two Spirited Awards (aka the Oscars of the bar world).

"We hold two [awards], one is the best high volume cocktail bar in the world and also best cocktail menu in the world. The bar's up again for another award and we were in the top five best cocktail bars," he said.

His work behind the bar made him more conscious of how to combine flavours in interesting ways. "The way my brain works for cocktails was how it works for food as well," he said.

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Featured image: Network 10.