Tati Had A Romantic Dream About Curtis Stone, And Other Important 'MasterChef' Updates

The 'MasterChef' Top 24 made their return to the gantry for Grand Finale Week and Tati Carlin was pretty damn excited to see Curtis Stone in the kitchen.

Tati squealed in delight as Curtis strode through the doors as a surprise guest chef.

"I thought he was not coming back to the kitchen again because he was here at the beginning of the season," said Tati, referring to his 'Keeping Up With Curtis' segment that earned Tim an immunity pin.

Photo: Network 10.

"But I get a chance to see him again and I'm so excited!" she exclaimed.

Tati had a cute fangirl moment as she hugged Curtis, but no one was prepared for the very sweet ~secret~ she was about to disclose to the Michelin-star winning chef, the judges and her fellow contestants.

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"I have to tell you, it's very embarrassing, I had a romance dream with Curtis Stone," she said, as the whole kitchen burst into laughter. 

But before you go jumping to conclusions, please get your mind out of the gutter and listen to what Tati's idea of romance actual entails.

"In my dream, Curtis Stone was cooking for me, he is so gorgeous!" she said.

There is nothing more wholesome than dreaming about someone cooking for you and Tati's story made us realise how much we miss her, and why didn't she get to stay around just to narrate after her elimination?

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It's not just Tati who we've been missing from the competition;  the gantry wasfilled with familiar faces who left too soon.

Photo: Network 10.

Gary checked in on what everyone was up to and they've been BUSY. Huda started her own dairy-free ice cream business, Abbey catered a wedding and Derek and Blake both did things with their hair!

"We have to acknowledge Derek's new haircut, which is magnificent and we have to acknowledge Blake's incredible head of hair," Matt said.

Thank goodness they'll all be hanging around for the next two nights of Grand Finale Week!

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