Australian Survivor 2019: Here's Your FULL List Of Champions And Contenders

Survivors ready?!

With just two sleeps to go before the new season of 'Australian Survivor: Champions Vs Contenders' kicks off, we figured it miiiiiight be time to reveal all the players competing in the world's toughest game, hoping to be crowned Sole Survivor at the end.

We know you've been waiting for this one, so we won't keep you any longer! Without further ado, here are your Champions and Contenders.



Abbey's kind of a huge deal when it comes to Women's AFL. A star forward and midfielder, the 28-year-old was the first woman to kick a hundred goals in a season, so she's obviously going to be a massive physical threat. Don't count her out in the strategy and social games, though! A real estate agent by trade, Abbey knows how to close a deal, and we all know that will come in handy in the game of 'Survivor'.


Ever feel like you'd forget your head if it wasn't screwed on? Not Anastasia, who's a two-time Australian Memory Champion!

But wait, because that's not all. Anastasia is ALSO a physical threat, having  left home at 15 to join the Australian Ballet School, and since then, she's performed all over the world.

“Survivor is such an amazing overall challenge, both physical and mental. I will use my memory skills to retain information about events and other competitors to use to my advantage," she said.


If you know NRL, you know ET, given that he played 328 games for the Cronulla Sharks over 18 years, and is one of the biggest names in the game.

Now 53, ET is hoping  to play a similar game to Mat Rogers, saying: “I think if you show you have played the game 100% by winning challenges, helping your team mates, getting involved around camp, then you can win it.”

It may not have worked out in the end for Mat, but will it work out for ET? Only time will tell!


Oh y'all wanted some eye candy?! David, 39, is an international model and a huge fan of the game. In fact, he's going in with some pretty sold strategies.

“I want four strong players to line up with a goat each and then take them to the slaughter," he said, adding, "BYO goat.”

On a team with a lot of sporting legends who value loyalty over everything, we suspect David may be here to shake things up, especially after we read this quote:  “I might try to make a fake Idol, pretend I’m not a fan of the show if I think it will get me further.”

We're ready!


Boost Juice queen and 'Shark Tank's smiling assassin, all we can say is that Janine won't go down without a fight. A fan of Sharn's gameplay from last season, Janine did her research before going in, and you can read more about that in the link below.

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The king of the jungle is back, baby! You know him, you love him, and that's why he's our people's champion. Will he be shaking up his gameplay for round two? Check out the links below to read more about his strategy as a returning competitor.

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The woman is not only a former Olympic gold medalist, she's also a politician, which means she knows how to wheel and deal. Will the combination of the two be too much of a threat for her tribe, though?

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Okay, yes, you know her from 'Looking For Alibrandi', but also, Pia is a 'Survivor' superfan, so we're expecting to see some bold moves and A+ acting from her.

“I have been watching Survivor since the first season in 2000 and I’ve been sitting on the couch for almost 20 years saying I could win so I guess now is my chance!" she said. "I really want to play as a fan and be someone that a fan would enjoy watching.”

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A professional big wave surfer, they call Ross 'Mad Dog', and for good reason. The only man to have braved the dangerous Big Mama at Nazare beach in Portugal, Ross was lucky to walk away with only a concussion, after being swept up onto the rocks.

What he lacks in 'Survivor' superfandom, he's planning on making up for in sheer determination and bravery and said that he hopes to play like a combination of Mat Rogers, Shane Gould and Brian Lake.


Simon is an AFL legend, as well as a Brownlow medalist and three-time premiership player.

“The combination of physical and mental challenges seemed like something that would stretch me as a person," he said. "The gamesmanship will be a big challenge, but I am very excited to get out there and I am going to do my absolute best.”

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Obviously, Steven Bradbury is an Aussie icon. After all, how many of us can say that we have our own colloquialism? Still, that's not all Steven's bringing to the game. Having sustained some brutal injuries over the course of his career -- which include breaking his neck and being impaled on another man's ice skate -- the man knows a thing or two about resilience.

“It’s amazing the power a human can draw on when you’re put into a life and death situation and I’m so competitive by nature that I will use these skills to my advantage," he said.


A marathon swimmer who once swam from Mexico to Cuba over 38 hours -- an accomplishment no one has ever been able to match -- we're expecting to see those endurance skills serve Susie well in 'Survivor'.

“I was so mentally strong in my marathon swimming career, I think I am prepared and probably better trained to take on the types of challenges 'Survivor' throws at us," she said. “I’m really looking forward to testing myself as an individual again.”

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Get ready, 'Survivor' fans, because 47-year-old Andy's ready to become Australia's biggest villain.

“I don’t just want to win, I want to win big in the most memorable way than anybody has ever won before," he said. "The only thing 'Australian Survivor' is missing is an unbelievably compelling and memorable villain as a winner.”


A 23-year-old PhD student who lives for science, Baden is hoping to be the new king of puzzles for the Contenders, having applied after seeing Sam's game last year. He's hoping that what he may lack in social game (he's a bit awkward), he'll make up for in the water challenges, given that he's been doing surf lifesaving since he was seven.


Casey, 31, has already been on a bit of an adventure, having spent the past two years travelling around Australia in a campervan, teaching kids in remote locations about creative writing.

Expect to hear Casey speak her mind, because according to her, she's "very opinionated and self-righteous".

She added: “I may not be able to keep my mouth shut, and I will call out bad behaviour if I see it.


Daisy, 24, is a classic Aussie country girl. Having spent years in boarding school and having dealt with droughts on the farm, she knows a thing or two about getting through tough times and perseverance. Read more about her below.

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Hannah is going into the game hoping to be written off as a "dumb blonde", and will be telling her fellow Contenders that she's a hairdresser. Also? She's 27,  but is counting on her tribe mates assuming that she's younger than that.

In reality, she's a police officer who's planning to outwit them all by letting them underestimate her.

"Everyone is going to overlook me because of my personality and assume I’m not there to play hard," she said. "I’ll be the threat they don’t see, right in front of them.”


Watch out, Andy, because Harry, 30, is also vying for the title of Villain of the Year.

An ice cream maker who's a big fan of Luke and Jericho's, Harry is hoping to hide behind his persona as a "dopey, cheeky ice cream man" so he can pull moves right up to the end.


Move over, Honey Badger, there's a new Aussie bloke in reality TV, and his name is John.

John's not a 'Survivor' superfan, but he's still hoping he's got what it takes to make it to the end.

“I’ll give it my all but I don’t want to be too big of a threat too early on," the 28-year-old said. "I usually like to make tough decisions after sleeping on it but I might not have that luxury on Survivor. I think my biggest problem is sometimes I’m overly familiar with people and that might be a weakness.”


31-year-old Laura may only be 4’9”, but described herself as “a Chihuahua that thinks she’s a Rottweiler".

In fact, the digital marketing manager is hoping to be "underestimated" as part of her strategy.

“My size means I will be underestimated and I can use that to my advantage in the beginning. I’m analytical and strategic so I want to pull off moves to get me to the end," she said. "Given my height, I’m always underestimated but I do love being the underdog. It makes victory that much sweeter!”


Describing himself as "an uncrowned Champion", don't expect Matt to be a shy, retiring type. A history teacher by day and a pro-wrestler by night, Matt, 29, said: “I know I can win this. And I want to be at that final Tribal Council with someone who I can beat easily, which I’ll have already done by beating all worthy competitors.”


You may recognise Sam, 30, from her time on 'The Amazing Race Australia', where she came second.

A VIP gaming manager, Sam deals with high rollers at the country's biggest casinos, so we can expect her social game to be on point.

“Survivor has been an itch I’ve needed to scratch. The ultimate Survival game. It’s the next best thing to my favourite trilogy, 'The Hunger Games',” she said.


Regardless of how far Sarah, 45, gets in the game, she's already a true survivor, having survived the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami in Sri Lanka.

“Surviving the tsunami in Sri Lanka and turning out relatively normal afterwards has probably been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to overcome," she said. "The nightmares were terrible and having to face my responsibilities at the time whilst appearing confident and competent were some of the toughest moments of my life.”


Our final Contender may be a surprise, given that he's a former AFL player, but when we spoke to Shaun, he was adamant that he belonged on the Contenders tribe. Read more about his 'Survivor' journey -- and whether his partner Megan Gale would ever join 'Survivor -- below.

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Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' premieres Wednesday, 24 July at 7.30pm, only on 10 and WIN Network.

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