Lisa Wilkinson Recalls The ‘Today’ Segment That Made Her Move To 'The Project'

'The Project' is celebrating 10 whole years on the air and co-host Lisa Wilkinson recounted the moment that made her want to join the gang.

Back at her old gig on 'The Today Show', Lisa took part in an unfortunate live segment with co-host Karl Stefanovic in which the pair tried out the Wii Curling Challenge -- a virtual game that resulted in some, er, interesting body movements that probably weren't appropriate for breakfast TV.

The segment was featured on 'The Project' that night with panellist Dave Hughes commenting that "they went a bit mad on 'The Today Show' this morning".

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Photo: Network 10.

Giggling with her 'Project' pals a decade after the segment aired, Lisa noted that the viral moment ended up changing her career path.

"You know, that was the exact moment when I decided, 'I think I want to go to Channel 10!' she laughed.

Photo: Network 10.

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Lisa explained that it was halfway through the segment when she "realised what Karl was doing".

"And so I tried to look less like what he was doing," she said, although we're not so sure it worked.

We're just glad Lisa came over to 10 and that we got to relive the glory of that ten-year-old 'Today' clip.

Main Photo: Network 10.