Everything You Need To Know About 'MasterChef' Grand Finale Week

The 'MasterChef' grand finale is upon once again, and oh boy, we're not ready for the tears.

While our 2019 'MasterChef' winner will be crowned on Tuesday, July 23rd, our final five still have a few culinary hurdles to jump through over the next few days.

Larissa, Nicole, Simon, Tim and Tessa have proven they know how to fillet fish, blast-chill desserts, sous-vide almost anything -- and, of course, make panna cottas of every flavour.

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But to join the likes of Julie Goodwin, Adam Liaw, Elena Duggan, Andy Lee and Sashi Cheliah, our final five will be pushed to their limits over the next few days in a series of challenges that will test their mental strength as much as their culinary chops.

Here's how it's all going to go down.

Sunday, July 21
Curtis has a few tricks up his sleeve. Photo: Network 10.

Remember Curtis Stone stopped by earlier in the season for a round of Keeping Up With Curtis? Our contestants had to mirror his every movement to plate up his Porterhouse steak with twice-cooked chips and broccolini.

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Well, Curtis has returned for the pointy end of the competition but this time, he'll be hosting a masterclass right after the elimination challenge where the contestants will cook from three different pantries.

The Contenders: Larissa has already claimed her spot in the semi-final after plating up her divine lemon crème fraiche and cucumber number so it'll be Nicole, Simon, Tessa and Tim. 

Fun Fact: Curtis won a Michelin-star for his Los Angeles restaurant, Maude since his last 'MasterChef' appearance.

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Monday Night

As much as we love Peter Gilmore, when he walks through those 'MasterChef' doors, you just know there's an impossibly delicate dessert that involves 547 steps underneath his cloche.

The Quay chef first brought us the famed Snow Egg as the Season 2 finale challenge and his Chocolate Ethereal in the final showdown on Season 6 so we're shaking in our boots thinking about what he might bring to this pressure test.

The Contenders: Larry will be back in the mix along Nicole, Simon, Tessa and Tim (minus whoever got out the night before).

Fun fact: This will be Tessa's first Pressure Test!

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The Grand Finale!

It's what everyone has been dreaming of since the early days of the top 24 -- the moment our newest 'MasterChef' can hold that giant metal plate in their hands and get showered with confetti as Matt, George and Gary chant their name.

The finales have gone down in different ways over the years -- sometimes involving skills tests or stressful dessert challenges. This year, our final three will be tasked with a service challenge, plating up a three-course meal for some of our favourite 'MasterChef' alumni including Julie Goodwin, Diana Chan and, last year's winner Sashi Cheliah.

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The Contenders: Look, we still have no idea who the final three are so, once again, it could be any combination of Larry, Nicole, Simon, Tessa and Tim. 

Fun Fact: The prizes! It's easy to forget that our 'MasterChef' winner takes anything home because it's the most wholesome show in Australia and the cash is never mentioned by any of the contestants as a motive. It's all about claiming the title and making best friends along the way and we love that.

However, the winner of the competition will be handed an absolutely life-changing sum of money, taking home a whopping $250,000. They'll also get a brand-new Holden Equinox and a monthly column in 'Delicious' magazine.

Not bad at all!

MasterChef Australia airs Sunday to Thursday nights at 7.30pm. Only On 10 And WIN Network. Missed an episode? Catch up on 10 Play or 10 All Access!