Secrets We Learned About 'The Project' On Its 10th Birthday

There's nothing we love more than a trip down memory lane, especially when it involves blooper reels, on-air LOLs, and learning about off camera moments.

The Project's 10th Birthday episode brought us all that and more with old co-hosts, guests and an open bar in the background just to add that sprinkle of mayhem.

A lot has happened in the last decade on the beloved news/comedy show which none of us can believe first starting airing all the way back in 2009, so we tried to keep track of some of the best 'Project' ~moments~ from the anniversary bash.

This Is How Gorgi Coughlan Joined 'The Project'
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Holding Carrie's hands across the desk, Gorgi shared that she had "a beautiful memory" of joining the panel for the first time after Carrie's husband Greg had just passed away.

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"It was not necessarily an easy time for you," said Gorgi, explaining that despite everything Carrie was going through, she took the time to send Gorgi a beautiful thank you note and plant for filling in.

"That has stayed in my life forever," Gorgi explained.

Dave Hughes Said The First 'Project' Studio Audience Was A Little Thin
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"I remember there being no audience on the first night... I wanted a live audience! I said, 'We've got to have a live audience.." he trailed off.

"And we ran out to the street and grabbed people," recalled Carrie.

What a time!

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Kitty Flanagan Is A National Treasure

We already knew this but boy was it good to see Kitty revive her segment on 'The Project' in which she tried to monetise bootleg 'Project' DVDs. We love a scammer!

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Hamish Once Worked The Music Of Kylie Minogue In With A Story About Bill Shock
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Hamish got us all interested in an investigative piece about electricity by working the lyrics of Kylie's "Shocked" into the story. Because sometimes we're all "shocked by the power (bill)". Bravo, Hamish.

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Carrie Provided Lisa With Some LOLs During The Royal Wedding Live Cross
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During a live cross from the UK, Lisa told Carrie she'd be bringing her home a  souvenir -- a one-piece swimsuit that featured Prince Harry's face, and strategically placed beard, on the fabric.

Waleed's eyebrows rose into the stratosphere and Lisa proclaimed her undying love when Carrie cackled and made a cheeky joke about Brazilian waxes.

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Ron Burgundy Once Stopped By, In Character!

We definitely forgot about this priceless moment.

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Charlie Shared His Favourite 'Project' Memory

In a live cross from NYC, original co-host Charlie Pickering recalled the time that Robin Williams stopped by the 'Project' panel.

"As a kid, I used to listen to his standup on records and the fact that 'The Project' made it possible for me to meet my heroes was incredible," he said.

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Tommy Little Was A Baby When He First Appeared On 'The Project'

Tommy first appeared as one of the show's Metro whips back in 2011, chatting about the cinema scene in Melbourne. Tommy explained that he's come a long way from the kid in the clip who was "single, living on a mattress on the floor in a share house".

Carrie Pulled Out Her Chicken Fillets Live On Air Once

Carrie pointed out that she used to get quite the air of confidence as she walked around with chicken fillets stuffed into her bra -- but pulled them out live on-air for the LOLs and we love her for it.

Carrie Knows How To Stack It In Style

This live cross from the tennis featuring a little trip down some pesky stairs is reason 256,498 that we love Carrie.

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