'You Are The Soul Of This Show': Pete And Waleed Pay Tribute To Carrie On 'The Project's' 10th Birthday

Despite saying that 'The Project's 10th birthday "wasn't time for tears", Carrie Bickmore soon began welling up, as Peter Helliar and Waleed Aly paid tribute to their fearless leader.

"You are the captain of this show, there is no doubt," said Pete, as Carrie began to tear up.

"We worked together before on 'Rove Live', so it was great to reunite on 'The Project' but what I learnt really quickly when I joined the show was how much you care about the show from the little bits and pieces," said Pete of Carrie's attention to detail.

"Not just the bigger picture but the little details -- you know this show more than anyone, I think you are this show, you are the soul of this show," he continued.

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"It's an absolute honour to work alongside you," concluded Pete.

Waleed agreed, and pointed out that the studio audience and guests who had been tucking into the open bar "hadn't shut up all night" but that Carrie's presence had a certain effect on the room.

"But the minute we get onto Bickmore, they just shut up completely, it's incredible!" he said.

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As the three co-hosts wrapped up the 10th-anniversary episode, Waleed reflected that Carrie was "inimitable" and that there were "things that you do that simply no one else can do".

Waleed added that so many of those moments happened when the cameras stopped rolling.

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"So as incredible as you are on-screen... your judgement, your ability to connect with the story, your ability to connect with an audience to make a room like this shut-up, the lot -- you say things, like in a sentence off-screen in a meeting and the show's completely changed and we go, 'That makes so much more sense".

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"The judgement you have, the touch that you have the expertise that you have, I've never seen and I may never, ever see that again and I reckon Pete would absolutely agree.

Earlier that evening, Carrie had opened up about how 'The Project' has been an important anchor in her life over the past decade.

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"I've had times in my life where it has been my rock and it has kept me going day after day and it is thanks to you guys," she said.

"We've said this before but we don't do dinner with our families, we do dinner with you guys," she said before tearing up, then laughing that she'd done exactly what she was hoping to avoid -- blubbering.

"We have dinner with you guys and we wouldn't have it any other way, and we don't have to do the dishes!" said Carrie.

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