'One Of Those Moments I'll Never Forget': Tim Breaks Down During 'MasterChef' Challenge

It was one of the final meals to be served at George Calombaris' Press Club, and for Tim Bone things got very emotional.

Ahead of the challenge, Tim appeared to get a little choked up, saying he felt nervous cooking at George's restaurant on one of its final days of service ever.

"It's all sort of hit me, yeah," Tim said, "I think I'm feeling the gravity and the pressure of today.

"It's so beautiful for George to trust us in his restaurant and it's sad that it's all coming to an end for him... and I hope I do him proud," he continued.

And do George proud they did. Each of the top five managed to plate up some pretty incredible dishes, though the unstoppable Larissa managed to once again wow the judges, this time with her lemon crème fraîche sorbet, lemon granita, cucumber and ouzo tea and kataifi pastry with citrus sugar.

'MasterChef' Contestant Breaks Down During Challenge
Larissa had the advantage going into the challenge and made the most of it. Photo: Network 10.

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Still, Tim didn't let the pressure get to him (too much!) and after a close-call almost running out of potato foam, he wowed the judges who were impressed with his olive and potato dish.

"That was unbelievable," Tim said after sending his dishes out for service, "that was probably the hardest challenge I've had to do so far. It was hectic."

Getting choked up once again, Tim admitted the whole challenge really meant a lot to him.

"Just being here at Press Club with George," he said, fighting back tears, "he's one of my idols. To be able to cook in his kitchen, it's pretty special. One of those moments that I'll never forget."

'MasterChef' Contestant Breaks Down During Challenge
"That was unbelievable, that was probably the hardest challenge I've had to do so far. It was hectic." Photo: Network 10.

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Earlier in the week, Tim spoke to 10 Daily about making it to finals week, telling us that when he first auditioned he had no idea he'd make it this far.

"Even to make the top 24 was a big achievement," Tim said. "To make it this far, I can't believe it in my wildest dreams. It's amazing and I'm so happy."

But Tim's 'MasterChef' journey hasn't been the easiest road, getting eliminated after a pressure test to recreate Shannon Kellam's Chocolate de Passion. Then, a week later, Tim managed to win his way back into the competition in the second-chance cook.

For anyone doubting if Tim deserves his spot in the top five, Tim admitted that he could see where they're coming from, but added, "I worked bloody hard to get that second chance, and at the end of the day I cooked the best dish.

"I definitely earned my way back into the competition, and I think people can see how much I've grown. I thought if I got back in and only lasted a week -- I can understand why people would say it might have been a waste of time," Tim continued.

"That's why I made a conscious effort to study really, really hard and practice. I've proved to everyone I do deserve to be here and, at the end of the day, proved it to myself."

With just a few days left until the grand finale, will Tim be able to keep it together to nab that coveted title of 'MasterChef'?

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