All The Reasons Why 'Survivor Australia' Will Be Your Must-Watch Show

Come on in guys!

Are you ready to get to today's 'Survivor' story? Great!

So, I have a secret to tell you. Before this time last year, I had never seen an episode of 'Survivor'.

Obviously, I'd heard of the show -- after all, it's been on for nearly two decades -- but I'd always disregarded it as something I wouldn't be interested in. Without putting too much thought into it, I assumed that it was mostly for people who are super competitive (I am not) and super into sports (I am definitely not).

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about reality TV -- I am fully prepared at any hour of the day to present you with a 57-minute TED Talk on why season two of 'Vanderpump Rules' is the most perfect season of any television show in history, 'Game of Thrones' and 'The Sopranos' be damned! But until recently, I thought I didn't like competition reality shows.

Then, I started working at 10, 'Survivor Australia' came into my life, and readers, I am a changed woman.

After dipping in and out early in the season, the show SERIOUSLY got its hooks into me after the merge, and by the time Benji was telling Sharn to play her idol for herself rather than Mat, I was wholly invested, gasping with every twist, eyes wide with every challenge. All of a sudden, it was my appointment television for the week. On days when I had actual appointments after work, I'd tune into 10 Play on the train on the way home so that I could still watch it live, because I didn't want to be spoiled.

"I TOLD YOU," said my best friend Emily, a long-time 'Survivor' fan when I told her about my newfound addiction. She was right -- all these years I'd been straight up ignoring the best advice I'd ever received? At that moment, I knew I was a fool.

The season ended, but I was nowhere near done feeding my obsession. Like any addict, I needed more, and luckily for me, we soon launched 10 All Access, and I got my grubby little mitts on every season of the US 'Survivor' to binge.

Now, let me just preface this next statement by saying that I still haven't worked out whether I am very proud of this next fact, or deeply ashamed, so let's just split the difference and say that it is what it is.

I started watching season one over my Christmas break, and as I type this today, I am currently beginning season 25.

Now, to be fair, I did shatter my elbow into seven pieces earlier in the year, resulting in surgery and a month off work, so I did have time to churn through a few seasons faster than I would have normally, but also, no, I don't have a life. 'Survivor' is my life now.

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Here's a brief list of all the reasons I got hooked, and you will too.

Mind games and backstabbing

Why is it SO thrilling to watch someone lie and get away with it? It's all so sneaky and exciting! Watching someone get in another person's head and work them over? Ugh, it's just so addictive!

Alliance breakdowns

On the other hand, watching an alliance fall apart, watching someone have their whole tribe turn on them? That's just as thrilling as when they get away with it!

Shady moments

There are few things I love more in life than a shady editor troll in a reality show, and thus, I've been screaming about 'Former Federal Agent?' for weeks now.

Funny Jonathan and Jeff moments

Any shady moments from our beloved hosts rank high in my list of things that keep me coming back to this show, tbh.


'Survivor' introduces you to so many wild and wonderful characters who perhaps wouldn't fit on other reality shows, but are somehow absolutely perfect for the game of 'Survivor'. Over the seasons I've watched, I've become completely enamoured with countless villains, a decent number of heroes, and plenty of people who fall somewhere in between.


A blindside is always good because if it works, you gasp, and if it doesn't work, you gasp! It's honestly like, true edge-of-your-seat s**t as those votes are being read out, and I love it so much???

Challenges where people almost die

Like I said, before I started watching 'Survivor', I just thought it was all about people doing well in challenges, and then whoever did the best won the game. Aside from being completely unaware of the social and mental game that they also have to play, I completely underestimated how flippin' brutal these challenges can be??? Like I just saw a girl break her wrist in the very first challenge of a season, I've seen JT knock half a tooth out of his mouth and keep on going, I've seen Russell pass out mid-challenge. These people are all crazy for even signing up for this, but I love it!

Hot people

Literally, everyone is so hot?! We haven't even spoken about JLP's guns! Hot!

So, after all of this, you may be wondering how far I think I would get in the game of 'Survivor'. Well, dear reader, I've thought about this a lot over the past year, and I have a few different ideas:

Option A: I get hungry on day one, become irritated, pick a fight with someone and go home at the first tribal council.

Option B: I am someone's goat -- absolutely useless in challenges, useless around camp, not that competitive, but somehow, I get dragged kicking and screaming to the end, where I receive no votes. Sad!

Option C -- and this is the most likely option: My chronic pain condition flares in the plane ride over and I am medically evacuated before the game even begins.

Basically? I'm not gettin' that money. Oh well!

'Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' premieres Wednesday, 24 July at 7.30pm, only on 10 and WIN Network.

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