When Does The Bachelor Start? We Finally Have A Date For Matt Agnew's 2019 Season

After meeting a few of the girls vying for our new Bachie's heart, we finally have a premiere date to block out in our calendar.

Mark it in your phone, your diary and scribble it on your fridge because 'The Bachelor' is returning to our screens. And if you've been counting 2019 away asking yourself when does 'The Bachelor' Australia start? We finally have the answer.

'The Bachelor' Australia 2019 starts on Wednesday, July 31 at 7.30pm -- which is just a few short weeks away.

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So far we've only had a sneak peek of some of the girls lining up to meet our dashing astrophysicist and Bachelor, Matt Agnew so we thought we'd run you through EVERYTHING we know so far about this season.

Abbie The Gemini

First up, on 'The Bachelor' Australia we met Abbie who was very excited to learn that Matt's an astrophysicist because guess what? She's a Gemini!

The new season will be a lesson for us all in the difference between astronomy and astrology but honestly, we're very up for some education about stars and planets and other universes.

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Helena With The Intriguing Accent

The next 2019 Bachelor hopeful who caught Matt's attention was wellness coach Helena who is in possession of an accent that has him absolutely intrigued. Is she in with a good chance? Oui!

Kristen Can Speak Mandarin!

Same goes for dear Kristen who was over the moon when she tested out some of her best flirtings in Mandarin and Matt actually replied! In Mandarin! How many languages can he actually speak? Is he also fluent in some kind of intergalactic language? Klingon, perhaps?

Kristen described herself as "compassionate, confident, ambitious, impatient, terrible-cook (I recently set a pan on fire trying to fry an egg)" so she's definitely on the right show because she probably wouldn't have cracked the top 24 on 'MasterChef'.

The Bachelor Will Get To Choose Between Two Engineers

Next up, we've seen glimpses of Sogand and Chelsie who are both engineers. Sogand moved from Tehran in 2005 and said she still hasn't found that special someone yet but is definitely ready.

"It's extremely hard to find someone that is genuine, has the qualities that I'm looking for, is ready to settle and wants me for who I am," the civil engineer said.

Sogand attempted to make Matt settle, er, rather quickly when she asked him to marry her in Persian when they first met on the red carpet. You never know!

And chemical engineer Chelsie showed off her knowledge of molecules, presenting Matt with a temporary tat of oxytocin which, yep, it's the love molecule!

"You're speaking my language!" she excitedly told him when he recognised the name.

Chels is looking for a spontaneous yet sensible kind of dude and we're guessing she was probably pretty chuffed to find out that Matt is very much part of the whole science realm.

Vakoo Knows About First Impressions

Our newest Bachie hopeful is Vakoo who is already winning hearts for her very relatable conversation warmup in the limo before she introduced herself to Matt.

As if practising in front of the mirror, the 23-year-old model leant forward and said, to no-one in particular: "Hi, my name's Vakoo".

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Vakoo told us that she's looking for someone who's "funny, charming, kind, hardworking, goofy, handsome, warm and caring, strong, a good listener… I could go on!"

The dog-loving Vakoo told us her dream date involved "a ball pit that's full of puppies" followed by her date partner feeding her which sounds incredibly specific but we're into it!

Everything We Know About Matt

Finally, our dear Matt. Look at him, sitting on a giant moon-- something you're only allowed to do once you become an astrophysicist, probably!

Matt tried to break down his career in layman's terms to us and explained that he's basically trying to find an entire new planet for us humans to live on once we destroy this one.

"My specific research is about planetary science, so the stuff I’m doing is trying to figure out where another planet like Earth could exist, so we could actually look and find it," he said.

But while he's had his head buried in books and telescopes, Matt reminded us all that PhDs will never, not ever cuddle you back, which is why he's keen to give love a shot as this year's Bachie.

We're counting down the days until July 31!

10 HQ is excited to finally announce that The Bachelor Australia will premiere on Wednesday, 31 July at 7.30pm.