Tim Revealed Why He Hasn't Made A Toastie For The Judges

When Tim Bone wheeled in his audition meal for the judges, he revealed his big dream to Gary, George and Matt.

"It's just a small dream at the moment," Tim said in the very first episode of the season, "I've got a big passion for gourmet toasted sandwiches" he revealed.

"I know it might sound crazy but I was in New York a couple of years ago and there's a little café on the lower east side and they just do cheese sandwiches," he told the judges.

"That's where I thought, 'Geez, I could model that idea and use fresh Ballarat produce'. Who doesn't love a toastie?"

And he's so right, who doesn't love a toastie?! They're like a scalding-hot embrace for your mouth. There's just one little thing: Tim hasn't made a fancy toastie for the judges.

During the first challenge of WA week, George even put the pressure on Tim, asking him why they hadn't gotten to try one of his signature dishes.

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As we edge closer to the end of this season -- and with Tim so close to the finals he can practically smell them -- we decided to ask: why hasn't he cracked out the jaffle maker in the competition?

"Maybe early on I could have pulled up a toastie," Tim said, laughing, "but I think I wanted to try and impress the judges, and show them what else I could do besides toasties -- and show how much I've learned and my growth.

"As it got further and further," he added, "my time was running out to do a toastie because the dishes that were expected were a whole new level."

During his time in the competition, Tim really has finessed his skills -- pushing his skills to the limits in pressure tests that saw him plating up Kirsten Tibballs' apple pie and the recent spin on the lamington by Ashley Palmer-Watts.

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One of the final five in the competition this year, Tim found it surreal to look back on the challenges he had overcome, and the skills he had learned during his time in the 'MasterChef' kitchen. Seeing some of the episodes back, it started to set-in.

"You don't realise when you're in there every day," he told 10 Daily, "when you reflect and look back, you do realise how far you've come and how much you've learned."

After pushing himself to create such incredibly precise and unfathomably difficult challenges, was Tim still hanging onto the dream of a toastie food truck?

"I still have a massive passion for the toastie," Tim admitted," and no matter what, I'd still love to start up a market stall or food truck toastie stall... but as the competition progressed, I realised what I'm capable of and I guess my dream has broadened a little bit."

Tim said he had hoped to include pop-up dinners in his future plans, starting in his home of Ballarat and including dishes that are still true to his style of cooking.

"Good, simple food but done really well and packed with heaps of flavour," he said.

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Featured image: Network 10.