The Bachelor 2019: 'Hi, I'm Vakoo!' Practice Makes The Perfect First Impression

A 23-year-old model all pretty in pink, Vakoo was already bound to get Bachelor Matt's attention, but that didn't stop her from practising her opening line a few times in the limo.

... Okay, so like... quite a few times! But we stan! The girl's up against literally dozens of other women, so you gotta be serving your best game from the get-go.

Vakoo had us at the first "Hi, I'm Vakoo", so we had to get our hands on her Q&A and find out more about her.

First up, Vakoo hasn't fallen head over heels in love with anyone just yet, but she's ready to let her guard down if the right guy comes along. She's looking for someone who's quirky, loyal, sarcastic, family orientated and full of ambition.

That's not all, though. This was the full list of traits she offered us when asked about her perf partner: "Funny, charming, kind, hardworking, goofy, handsome, warm and caring, strong, a good listener… I could go on!"

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Meanwhile, deal breakers would include anyone with "anger issues", anyone who doesn't want kids or doesn't make her lol, as well as anyone lazy, lacking in self-confidence, untrustworthy or anyone with poor hygiene.

A straight shooter, she said that she applied to the show "to find a partner". Makes sense!

Asked to describe herself in five words, Vakoo said she was "Loyal, witty, down to earth, persistent and reliable."

Finally, we just have to tell you about Vakoo's dream date, because it kind of sounds wild, but also sounds fun??? We'll let you be the judge:

Describe your dream date.
The guy will take me to a ball pit that’s full of puppies and we would spend time with the puppies while getting to know each other and then he feeds me after that.
10 HQ is excited to finally announce that The Bachelor Australia will premiere on Wednesday, 31 July at 7.30pm.