Netflix's Glass Blowing Competition Series Is Way Better Than It Should Be

It's not every day we can promise that we've found the best competitive glass blowing reality TV series, but we're pretty sure today is that day.

Yes, amid the piles and piles of shows you're probably binging lands the strangest niche reality competition.

It's the 'Project Runway' of the glass blowing world.

Netflix's series 'Blown Away' is your next binge
You'll feel like a real glass-hole if you miss out on this series. Photo: Netflix.

'Blown Away' arrived on Netflix quietly last weekend, so quietly that the series seemed to just appear on the service -- it doesn't even have a trailer on Netflix's official YouTube channel that we could find.

The premise is simple: 10 professional glassblowers (which is a real thing) compete in a competition to find out who is Best in Blow. YES, that's what they call it on the show and no one laughs!

Here's the thing, watching these incredibly talented individuals blow, shape and create ridiculously intricate works of art in a purpose-built hot shop full furnaces, blowtorches and a floor littered with shards of glass -- it's immensely impressive.

On top of that, it's a lot of fun to learn more about the strange world of glass blowing. Did you know that glass blowers refer to massive furnaces as "glory holes"?

Netflix's series 'Blown Away' is your next binge
This is apparently NOT funny. Photo: Netflix.

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This is a very serious show where people are constantly putting long poles into glory holes, and these professionals don't even so much as crack a smile at that.

See, this isn't a show that's poking fun at the world of glassblowing, but rather, is to celebrate it. The competition is fierce, and the resulting works of art are often unfathomably impressive.

Each episode also features the moment where dreams -- and glass -- are shattered. With a shrug, one of the competitors will inevitably offer up the words "Glass breaks..."

Netflix's series 'Blown Away' is your next binge
Glass breaks! Photo: Netflix.

While binge-watching has given rise to consuming TV shows like you're running out of time, there's something so quaintly contained about 'Blown Away' that really makes a binge feel rewarding.

For some reason, spending an entire Saturday watching these immense creations appear out of lumps of glass feels so rewarding. You desperately want to find out where it's all leading. 'Who will be the Best in Blow?', you begin to wonder.

Netflix's series 'Blown Away' is your next binge
From a boiling hot ball of fire to an intricate, fragile work of art. Photo: Netflix.

There's also a huge range of artisanal skill on display that just isn't often given the spotlight it perhaps deserves. Making a glass foot may sound like a ridiculous concept, but the amount of effort that goes into its creation -- the literal sweat pouring off these artists -- shows in the physical labours of love they're creating.

'Blown Away' has no right being as captivating as it is, but it may just become your favourite guilty pleasure.

All 10 episodes of 'Blown Away' are on Netflix now. And it's definitely worth your time.

Featured image: Netflix.