Australian Survivor 2019: Daisy 'Isn't Shy To The Odd Lie Here And There'

The latest Survivor recruit, Daisy, reveals she knows how to get her way.

Chatting to 10 daily, Daisy mentioned the most surprising elements of the game, noting it was tough to "keep your morals while also screwing people over".

Asked whether she found it hard to lie to people in the game, the 24-year-old laughed.

"Nah," she replied. "I mean, I was at boarding school for 12 years. I'm not shy to the odd lie here and there to get my own way!"

Daisy explained: "I mean, you're just a number at boarding school so if you want to get noticed you have to do things big, so you know, that really translated really well into the game of 'Survivor'. And then I also think growing up in the bush as well, you know, facing three major droughts gives you that real resilience. I went in there drawing from both those experiences. "

While lying may not have been one of the hardest elements of the game for Daisy, it's still the toughest game on earth, and the travel agent was surprised to find "how mentally tough it is out there".

After training "pretty hard" ahead of the show, despite being "a bit of a klutz", Daisy also said that "the weather was pretty wild this year, and the personalities were huge".

A big 'Survivor' fan, Daisy was convinced to join the show by her work mates, and being a massive rugby union fan, she "followed Mat Rogers' season really closely, and when the opportunity arose, [she] went for it".

She went on to share that not only did the experience live up to her expectations "and more", but said that it was "the best and worst thing" she'd ever done.

"It was tough physically, it was tough mentally, it was tough socially," she said, "and then you've got to put it all together. And, you know, play this balancing act of keeping them all equal and being able to persevere."

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Chatting about strategy, Daisy revealed that she "definitely drew from many, many previous survivors", combining "bits and pieces" from their games to try to "combine it into the winning formula".

Still, she said that at the end of the day, a lot of her strategy was to just be true to herself.

"I'm a super outspoken, upfront and blunt character -- which I know could rub people up the wrong way a lot of the time," she explained, adding: "There was no point trying to hide that, it would have been pretty easy to see through straightaway."

One of the first Contenders we've chatted to this year, we had to ask how intimidating it was to be on a tribe going up against some of the former Olympians and sporting legends who make up the Champions tribe, along with CEOs and Pia frickin' Miranda from 'Looking For Alibrandi'.

"Um, yes and no," she began, explaining: "I think you've got to put all the challenges into perspective. And you know, a lot of these people have started at the bottom, so we can very easily put them back there."

She continued:

"We're definitely out for blood this season; this is retribution time. We are coming back and we're coming back with a vengeance. I mean, who doesn't love a good underdog story?!"

Still, even with 12 years of boarding school experience under her belt, the hardest part of the game for Daisy was missing her family and friends.

"I mean, they're my absolute everything," she shared. "Being away from them was really tough."

Will the Contenders get the retribution they so desperately desire? Only time will tell...

Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' premieres Wednesday, 24 July at 7.30pm, only on 10 and WIN Network.

Feature image: 10